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The Guillotine Drops In Boston: Celtics & Nets Agree To Summer Blockbuster Trade

Recent Boston repo man Danny Ainge has pilfered the Celtics organization of all but its 17 banners and an angular man named Rajon Rondo. After multiple days of updates from team sources, Twitter recognizance, and a healthy dose of blind speculation, Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, and Jason Terry are now members of the Brooklyn Nets. Details are below (depending on which team you root for, this is the space to scream and break stuff).

Jason Kidd

Jason Kidd Eyeing Nets’ Coach Position With HOF Vision

The Brooklyn Nets have made it clear that their high-profile abode is only suited for a high-profile figurehead. With three Finals appearances, one championship, and Hall of Fame-topping numbers under his waistband, Jason Kidd, then, seems like an ideal match. But the celebrated point guard has a history of questionable off-court decision-making and is only …

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