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Winter Court Jerseys Are An NBA Winner

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There have been some hideous team jerseys over the years. Just do a quick Google image search of the ‘74 Cavs road jersey, the rainbow patterned 1985-1993 Nuggets home wear, and the horrendous Toronto Raptors camouflage set to make your eyes sting. If fans should ever burn jerseys it should be for an offensive color scheme and not shoddy playoff performances.

The new “Winter Court Collection” aims to be a stylish and minimalist direction for the NBA. As featured on the NBA store, the collection revolves around the temporary addition of Winter Court jerseys―monochrome wear that teams will rock on weekend home games during the second part of the season. A recent hack of the video game NBA 2K13, revealed what the one-colored jerseys will look like on some of your favorite players. Although the hack gave an inside look into the new uni initiative, the images certainly aren’t of the highest quality and are also not the first time the look was eyed. Some months back an Adidas ad was leaked that pictured the sidelined Derrick Rose wearing a sharp version of the Bulls’ monochrome. Chicago would certainly like to see their MVP donning the new look on the court come post-All Star weekend.

Recently the Knicks’ Iman Shumpert modeled the all orange set designed for the New York. While not as impressive as the Bulls’ ruby red variety, or the Lakers’ sophisticated all white home collection, Knicks fans are enthused. And that’s not even considering that the aged Knicks remain undefeated.

Though the league has still to decide whether the Winter Court jerseys will remain a permanent fixture of the league, the positive reception might sway their decision. It certainly wouldn’t hurt for the NBA to be a little more image conscious on the court. Now if only the Brooklyn Nets could do the same with their mascot.

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