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It is customary for football fans to support their local teams. However, besides the general support the fan pool offers their squad, some outstanding teams have managed to gain fans around the world. They’ve done so with their wicked gameplay, stellar players, and a history that can make anyone jealous. So, let’s have a look at football’s most renowned teams that send the fans crazy by watching them and even betting on them, with sports betting sites offering so many tips for newbies to get in on the action, such as offering advice in their weekly btts accas.

1. Barcelona 

Perhaps the most popular football team worldwide, Barcelona brags with a vast pool of faithful fans that would do pretty much anything to attend a game. With an elegant yet aggressive style of play that has won its important cups and titles, young players, and a motto that defines them “more than a club,” it is easy to see why they are so beloved by everyone.

2. Celtic 

While many people don’t think about Scotland when discussing football, the truth is that Celtic’s fans are among the most avid supporters. The club has catholic origins, and their fan base is pretty well-defined by this belief. They are loyal and would follow their team pretty much anywhere. No doubt, a football team that can send the fans crazy in an instant.

3. Liverpool

Internationally-acclaimed Liverpool is another team that deserves a place on this list. Their club anthem, “you’ll never walk alone,” is enough to understand how the fans feel. Often defined as hooligans, Liverpool’s fans will go crazy whenever their team is involved. But they are also among the most faithful fans in the world.

4. Galatasaray 

Turkish football fans also know how to show support and gratitude to their team, and the Galatasaray fans are a fine example of this. You can also expect them to go crazy whenever things go awry, and their favourite team loses a game. But hey, who wouldn’t be upset by a loss?

5. Arsenal

England seems to have some of the most renowned teams that send the fans crazy, making its second entry on our list with Arsenal. The London team has suffered quite a few hits in the past year and even lost some of its best players. Nevertheless, its fans still support the team and believe in it despite the under-par performance. 

6. Real Madrid

With a global fan base that can put to shame a lot of teams, Real Madrid is one of the most popular teams in the world. Its fans are really supportive, especially when playing against same-country rivals, like Barcelona, and fill the stadiums no matter where the team is playing.

7. Manchester United

Perhaps Liverpool’s main rival, Manchester United also brags with a faithful and supportive pool of fans. They may not be as loud as the Red Devils, but Manchester United can easily make its fans go crazy whenever they enter the field. With the club topping the charts in terms of fan presence on stadiums, the team enjoys huge popularity and is beloved by many football fanatics worldwide.

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