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Ball is Life: On the Edge of the NBA Finals

Felipe Melecio

Felipe Melecio was the managing editor for the blog Pathological Hate. He believes that math is your friend and numbers can be fun, especially when it comes to baseball. Keep tabs on all his knee-jerk reactions on Twitter:

With the Conference Finals nearing their end, Felipe brings in guest Jason Coldiron, author of the book Saving Sacramento: A Story of Fans, Sports & Politics (telling the story about how the capital city of California was able to to keep the Sacramento Kings in town)and the guys talk about a wide array of topics centering around the Eastern and Western Conference Finals.

Topics of discussion include:
–The art of the weakside screen and movement without the ball
–Kyle Korver Appreciation Day
–The adaptation of Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors play before Kevin Durant and now with Kevin Durant on the squad.
–The Houston Rockets amazing team play despite James Harden’s shooting woes in Game 6 of WCF.
–The love and hate of Kyrie Irving
–The Boston Celtics with Kyrie Irving and without Kyrie Irving and why they have been so successful since Irving was lost for the season. Have we seen the best of Kyrie Irving?
–The great LeBron James and his quest to being a permanent fixture in the NBA Finals
–Final predictions.

Photo Credit: By Keith Allison from Hanover, MD, USA (LeBron James) [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons