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Top 5 Biggest Troublemakers in the NBA

Basketball is one of the most wide-spread sports throughout the world, including quite a lot of players, managerial staff and a massive audience. Knowing more about them is bound to reflect in your NetBet exploits, but there is a whole different side to the game that you should also be aware of.

With the establishment of the professional basketball association, as well as the college-ranked one in the USA, basketball players have been enjoying an ever-growing popularity. Everyone is different when it comes to handling the pressure of being under the spotlight, and some are simply better than others. Combined with personal issues, these make up the most notorious troublemakers to have played in the NBA so far.

Eddie Johnson

The career of fast Eddie Johnson was as good as it could get in the NBA, but his private matters always seemed to be a mess. He was known to lead a rather turbulent life, filled with frequent jail time, court trials and substance abuse which ultimately reflected on other aspects. In his ultimate crime, Eddie Johnson did something that even the most loyal of fans couldn’t forgive him for. He was sentenced for burglary and the sexual molestation of an 8-year-old girl.

Dennis Rodman

This NBA player has been long respected for his dedication on the court, but after the final minutes of his professional career, he seems to have taken on the role of the villain. He is remembered for mocking the promotion of his own book, to which he decided to show up wearing nothing but a wedding dress. However, there is nothing like his friendship with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un to make him look bad in Americans’ eyes.

Antoine Walker

This All-star player is not so much a troublemaker to his teammates and community as he inflicted damage upon himself. Namely, soon after retiring from a 12-year long career that brought him something north of $100 million in salary, he declared bankruptcy. Shortly afterwards, it was revealed that he had spent quite a bit of it, and was in debt a lot more than he could afford, due to gambling problems.

Javaris Crittenton                 

This player seemed extremely promising in the first year of his player career, and even got drafted for a major team. Nonetheless, things went downhill from that point, as he seemed unable to hold on to a position. This may be due to additional trouble caused by Crittenton, as you will see soon enough, but the peak of his troublemaking days followed shortly after his time in the NBA. Namely, he was involved in a drive by shooting in Atlanta which accidentally injured the 22-year-old Julian Jones, who succumbed to the gunshot injury in her leg.

Gilbert Arenas

Arenas’ NBA career was brought to a premature halt after his altercation with bad boy Crittenton. After a fight over a card game debt, Arenas pointed a loaded gun towards Javaris during player introductions, and he returned with the same measure. Despite the peaceful resolution, there was hardly any future for these troublemakers.

Photo Credit: By GabboT (Dennis Rodman 02) [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons