Daily Fantasy Baseball Plays for 7/18/17

Not many stories coming out of the league last night.  Strasburg has a monster game as expected, Stanton mashed two home runs nothing too crazy there.  Harvey and Thor are both throwing for the first time since their injuries.The Mets are 10 games back and it might be too little too late.  They will have to go on an incredible run to make it into the post season.  The Mets look to be sellers, look for Bruce and Grandy to be in different uniforms soon.

All 15 teams are in action tonight with Kershaw taking the mound so there is one low scoring game.

Low-Scoring Plays

Arizona Diamondbacks @ Cincinnati Reds – The Reds just got bullied this weekend by the Nationals.  They ran into Strasburg and Scherzer which is never an easy task to handle.  It won’t get any easier for them as they face Robbie Ray.  Ray should have a big day, but will be very highly owned.  Kershaw costs the most amount of money so people will look to save money and go with Ray.  The Reds are not a threatening team so taking D-backs players and Ray won’t be a bad move, just highly owned so watch out for that.

Targets: Ray, Goldschmidt

Cleveland Indians @ San Francisco Giants – This game will fly under-the-radar.  With big names like Ray and Kershaw taking the mound Clevinger will be a great play.  He is 5-3 on the year which will throw people off of him but his record doesn’t tell the entire story.  He is in his 2nd year where he has already elapsed the amount of innings he pitches last year and has a WHIP this year on 1.15.  The Giants are one of the worst teams in the league, and the Indians have a great lineup, so the win is in the cards for Clevinger.

Targets: Clevinger, Encarnacion

San Diego Padres @ Colorado Rockies – Another team that is struggling this season are the Padres.  Senzatala gets the call for the Rockies who are having a great year.  Senzatala is due for a win as he hasn’t picked up a win since June 16th.  He has a WHIP of 1.24 on the year, you would like his ERA to be lower, but the Rockies score enough for him to pick up the win in this one.  Due to the Padres lack of offense you should see him go deep into this game, and strike out 7 plus batters.

Targets: Senzatala, Story, Arenado

With Kershaw on the mound that game will be low scoring and a great play. We saw Sale, Scherzer, and Strasburg all put up monster numbers this week so far look for Kershaw to follow that way.  I just didn’t want to do a write up for something that is already known.

High-Scoring Plays

New York Yankees @ Minnesota Twins – Time for the Yankees to get back on track in this game.  They are facing Bartolo Colon who makes his debut for the Twins.  Colon has been terrible this year and it may be time for him to hang it up as much as I hate to say that.  Judge has been in a slump, look for him to grove a couple of balls in this game. Gardner and Ellsbury will also be great plays as they are on the cheaper side but could make a splash in this game.  The Yankees need this game big time and should crush the Twins.

Targets: Judge, Sanchez, Ellsbury

Detroit Tigers @ Kansas City Royals – The Tigers have a great matchup in this one as the Royals are turning to Travis Wood.  He has a -.4 Win Against Replacement, and an WHIP of 1.804 which is extremely high for a pitcher.  On top of those two terrible numbers he has an ERA above 6.  The Tigers should have a big day, Miguel Cabrera leads the team in on base percentage.  J.D. Martinez should have a strong as he leads the Tigers in Home Runs.  If the Royals want to make a run for the play offs they will have to do better than having Travis Wood on the mound.

Targets: Martinez, Cabrera, Upton

Washington Nationals @ L.A. Angles – The Nationals have been hot and look for that to stay.  Their lineup is too much, if you get Murphy out then deal with Harper, get him out to then you face Rendon.  Chavez gets the call for the Angles who is 5-10 on the year.  Look for the Nationals to have another big day and beat L.A. bad in this one.  All of this and Turner is injured.  This could be the year the Nationals finally win a play off series.

Targets: Harper, Rendon

Undervalued Plays

Castro – NYY – 2B – A day where I like the Yankees to win big, taking anyone in their lineup will be a good play.  Castro is a strong player that racks up extra base hits and hit home runs as well.  Look for him to have a big game with a couple of hits.

Bogaerts – BOS – SS – Bogaerts ins’t the cheapest but his price has fallen to $4000 which is a steal for a player like him. He isn’t hitting for power this year which is surprising but he will get it going at some point.  For $4000 you can have one of the best shortstops in the game, that should be a lock in for you.

Maybin – LAA – OF – Whenever I pick against the Angels they seem to show up especially Maybin.  I still think the Angels will lose this game, but they can score some runs here.  Maybin’s stats aren’t the best but he does have some pop and could turn out a home run and some extra base hits.

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