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The Men Up North Sports Podcast Season 2 Premier: CatchUp Week

Matt tries to catch Felipe up on what happened during the sad events that caused him to go to Mexico. Our deepest condolences and prayers are with Felipe and his family. Felipe toughs it through a podcast featuring a cast of characters never mentioned before by the Men Up North. Tim Tebow? Yes. Han Solo and Hope Solo? Yes. NFL Paint jobs? Yes. Roman Reigns? Yes. The Chicago Cubs? Of course you have to talk about the best team in baseball. Sit back and strap it down and enjoy The Men Up North!!!

NFL Hall of Fame Weekend wrap-up: 0:00–23:00
TebowMania is back!: 23:00–31:00
Prince Fielder Retires: 31:00–39:00
Alex Rodriguez is A-gone: 39:30–47:25
Cubs and Cy Young Talk: 47:25–56:50
White Sox/Chris Sale Talk: 56:50–1:04:25
The Summer Olympics: 1:04:25–1:09:00
WWE, Summerslam Preview: 1:09:00–1:43:41

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Featured Image Credit: By Jeffrey Beall on Flickr (Flickr) [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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