Generational Bridge: Baseball’s Bygone Era

This week, Felipe Melecio and the Reverend Robert Holliday continue their discussion about baseball’s Hall of Fame.

–Happy Birthday Don Kessinger and Lou Boudreau
–So long Joe DiMaggio’s 56-game hitting streak
–A quick look back at the 1966 Baseball Season which had the Baltimore Orioles winning the world series and Frank Robinson was the MVP award winner
–Discussion about what defines a Hall of Fame player and should more or less players be inducted.
–2010s version of Pete Rose
–Baseball’s Bygone Era: we take a look back at the best players from 1896-1906 per Wins Above Replacement (WAR).



–Green = in the Hall of Fame
–Blue = should be in the Hall of Fame
–Yellow = not in the Hall of Fame

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