Daily Fantasy Basketball: Cheap Advice 4/8/16

daily fantasy basketball advice

Point Guard

Ramon Sessions (DK $3700, FD $4100, 21.8 USG)

As this season winds down, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to give you some cash viable advice with so much value popping up hour by hour.  As of writing this, John Wall is listed as doubtful against the Pistons (WAS maybe giving up on the season) meaning Sessions should draw his second straight start.  You’re going to really have to dig hard to find reasons not to play Sessions after what he did in his first start against Brooklyn on Wednesday (43.3 DKPTS, 18 points, 13 assists).  The thing with Wall being out is that he leads the league in touches per game so a huge load of USG% gets divided with him off the court, especially to his backup PG.  Sessions has always been a quality fantasy producer so with him, it’s all about the playing time (averaging 31.48 DKPTS per 36 minutes).  If Wall sits, you can consider Sessions along with Beal as near must play options.

IAB_Large Rectangle_336_280_Basketball

Shooting Guard

Jamal Crawford (DK $4500, FD $4600, 24.8 USG)

Another near must play (there’s a lot of them), Crawford is going be one of the 8 healthy bodies the Clippers have left tonight, with guys out due to rest or injury (Chris Paul, J.J. Redick, Austin Rivers, DeAndre Jordan, Wesley Johnson, Blake Griffin and probably more I’m forgetting are all out).  That means he’s likely looking at 40 minutes or more of playing time.  Even though the matchup against the Jazz is not too great, you’re going to have to not give a dang.  Crawford and Aldrich are going to have this entire team to themselves.  Last time the Clippers sat this many guys was against OKC but Rivers was healthy and playing then.  The two of them both had 50 DKPT games.  You can only imagine what’s possible without Rivers taking away shots.

Small Forward


I say this with all seriousness.  There’s absolutely no reason at all to go under 5K on a slate like this with all this value at every other position.  You could play Jesus Christ if he was available and priced at 1 billion with all the money you can save tonight.  Pay up for Giannis or PG13 and move right along.  I will no way condemn spending low here, even for tournaments (where everything should be on the table)

Power Forward

Thomas Robinson (DK $5500, FD $6600, 19.5 USG)

I know I’m going over the 5K threshold here but there’s a reason (See Small Forward).  You can afford it and even Robinson is still too cheap for what he’s been doing.  At this point, I see no reason why you shouldn’t play this guy for the rest of the season.  The price really won’t catch up to his production.  Another reason I bring him up is people are scared of his newly inflated price tag for some crazy reason.  WHY?!  He’s a walking double-double.  Let the idiots who are scared of that price fade him at their own risk while you collect all the monies.


Cole Aldrich (DK $3500, FD $3700, 18.7 USG)

Back to the Clippers situation.  Everything I wrote about Crawford applies here to Aldrich.  They have nobody else to play!  The only worry with someone like Aldrich is staying out of foul trouble but besides that, it’s just him and Jeff Ayers.  I know the matchup is terrible but it doesn’t matter.  This is a guy that’s nearly the bare minimum who averages 43.45 DKPTS per 36 minutes.  Do not overthink this unless you wanna be contrarian for tournaments and spend up on center on FD.  On DK, you can easily pair him up with any high priced center of your liking.  If you build around these guys tonight, you can pretty much do whatever you want but you MUST KEEP AN EYE OUT FOR LATE BREAKING NEWS!  This is the time of season where everyone is in danger of sitting so I don’t recommend playing unless you’re capable of utilizing the late swap option DK has to offer.

It’s been a great season and I’ve really enjoyed helping all of you out.  We only have a few of these left so I’m going to try to have a bit more fun with them considering NBA DFS in April is as ridiculous as preseason.  Good luck everyone!



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