Daily Fantasy Basketball: Cheap Advice 4/7/16

daily fantasy basketball advice

Point Guard

Seth Curry (DK $3900, FD $4200, 16.7 USG)

The Kings are resting pretty much their entire team again making Curry a fantastic value play.  I’m locking him into every one of my lineups to be honest with you in this matchup against the Wolves.  He’s recorded at least 27 DKPTS in 4 out of his last 5 games shooting 52.58% from the field.  With a 221.5 Over/Under and all this value that’s just opened up, this game makes for a great stack, especially with the cheap dudes.  You know how this works by now.  When Rondo sits, you play Collison and at only $5500 on DK, I’ll be pairing him and Curry in a majority of my lineups.  With what’s remaining with this Kings team, their USG leaders in order are: 1) Gay (32.3) 2) Curry (26.6) 3) Collison (24.3).

Shooting Guard

Norman Powell (DK $3700, FD $4100, 17.4 USG)

On the real tip, I wouldn’t look to save here.  There’s a plethora of awesome SG plays over the 5K range starting all the way at the top with Harden.  Then you look at guys like Wiggins, LaVine and Booker all in great spots as well, it’s hard to justify going this low.  Also, Curry is SG eligible on FD so that’s obviously the play over there but look to spend up more for a pairing.  Powell isn’t the worst thing in the world, he’s just the only option I’d remotely consider if I was forced to punt the position.  His last game against the Hornets was his first dud in over 2 weeks and people will be off him because of that and all the other options near the top.

Small Forward

Mirza Teletovic (DK $5000, $5100, 23.0 USG)

If Leuer is out again tonight, you have to love Teletovic in this position going up against a tired Rockets team (back to back) who give up the 3rd most fantasy points to opposing PF’s and the 8th most 3’s to PF’s.  He’s averaging 33.62 DKPTS over his last 5 games in about 30 minutes of play.  The best part is that Mirza is shooting whenever he wants.  He’s attempted double-digit FGA’s in 6 straight games, only one of them being below 16.  If I don’t have enough money for Gay tonight, Mirza is my go to guy and it’s not even close (assuming Leuer is out)

Power Forward

Patrick Patterson (DK $4000, FD $4000, 13.1 USG)

Pat Pat makes it here by default much like Powell because this is another position that’s lacking any enticing plays.  Even on the high end, without Boogie (on DK), we’re left with barely anything.  This is a night where I wouldn’t be mad at the idea of using your F slot on a SF with how things are looking.  But yeah, Patterson is a pretty safe play here for $4000.  The upside really isn’t there but he’s averaging 21.83 DKPTS on the Hawks, which is just enough for him to make value.  Also, his minutes are trending up, averaging 30 over his last 5.  The only issue I have here is that Atlanta’s defense has been elite over the last month and a half and I’ve done a pretty good job avoiding games with them involved.  Ughh this really is ugly.  Maybe our only play on DK might be to spend up for Aldridge.


Tyson Chandler (DK $5000, FD $5400, 12.5 USG)

You’re probably thinking that I’m the biggest Tyson Chandler fan walking on this planet with how much I’ve written him up.  I can’t deny it when someone makes me as much money as he’s made me on the season.  He’s always under-owned because he’s old and doesn’t take a lot of shots.  Well I don’t give a freak because he’s still rebounding at an elite rate (19.5 TRB%) and playing on the 4th fastest team in the league.  He’s playing as if he’s found that fountain of youth as of late, averaging 38.1 DKPTS over his last 4.  The matchup against HOU is beautiful, as the Rockets give up the 3rd most offensive rebounds in the league (9th in total rebounds) so there should be plenty of opportunities for putbacks.  This is also a play that is impacted by Leuer’s availability because in the 14 games he’s been out, Chandler has averaged 31.1 minutes so keep an eye on that.


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