Daily Fantasy Basketball: Cheap Advice 3/18/16

daily fantasy basketball advice

Point Guard

Tim Frazier (DK $3400, FD $3500, 17.8 USG)

A little bit of revenge narrative and low cost makes Frazier one of the best values on the slate this Friday night.  In his first game with New Orleans, Frazier played a total of 27 minutes for 33.3 DKPTS (14 points, 9 assists) against the Kings.  With Norris Cole still questionable, Frazier is listed as the starting point guard and for near minimum price, he deserves serious consideration because of the lack of strong value options on the night.  He attempted 10 shots in his first game with the Pelicans , which is kinda of nuts considering he’s done that only once all season in Portland.  Lots of that has to do with opportunity and playing time.  Playing behind Lillard will limit your upside in an offense.  But his per 36 numbers should temper your expectations moving forward.  For his career, he’s averaging 26.48 DKPTS per 36 minutes but with how banged up this Pelicans team is, maybe he has a higher ceiling than what’s expected with some more shots to go around.

IAB_Large Rectangle_336_280_Basketball

Shooting Guard

Lou Williams (DK $4900, FD $5000, 22.6 USG)

We’ve talked about this a few times now but people are still rostering D’Angelo and complaining afterwards.  As long as all 3 of Williams, Russell and Clarkson are healthy, they’ll be eating into each others playing time, limiting each others ceiling.  And if Kobe is playing, well it maybe best to avoid the situation in general.  I’m not touching Russell or Clarkson tonight despite this amazing matchup against the Suns, maybe it bites me in the ass but it’s a strategy that’s worked for me all season.  But Williams is still priced accordingly and with a position that’s lacking depth, he’s as cheap as I’d consider, even with Kobe expected to play. He’s averaging 25 minutes (27.4 DKPTS) over his last two since returning from injury and this is the dream matchup of all matchups.  If he can get similar minutes against this Suns team that gives up that most fantasy points to point guards and 5th most to shooting guards, you should expect a solid return on your shares.  I’m likely to stay away because word around town is that Kyle Lowry is expected to rest tonight and if that’s that case, you should be firing up DeMar in all formats.

Small Forward

Michael Beasley (DK $4100, FD $4100, 32.8 USG)

We just wrote up Beasley the other day and he came through once again.  It maybe a small sample size but what this dude is doing with limited minutes is freaking remarkable.  He’s only played over 20 minutes one time over his last 4 games and in that span, he’s averaging 27.08 DKPTS (1.42 fantasy points per minute!).  I mean, I don’t know if you even need to worry about a blowout at this time because it seems like he’s gonna get his no matter what and if somehow a blowout happens, even better because he’ll continue crushing value with the extra 8 or 10 minutes of garbage time.  Houston had themselves a players only meeting yesterday and quote . . .

“I feel sorry for the team we play tomorrow. “

That’s from Pat Beverley and as hilarious as it is to read, there maybe some merit to it (HOU currently 8.5 favorites).  You wish Beasley’s price hasn’t jumped into the 4K range but at this point, he’s still paying off.  Be warned though, this is still Michael Beasley.  There’s going to be one of those “WTF” moments eventually.  It’s a matter how lucky you feel avoiding it.

Power Forward

Larry Nance Jr.(DK $3300, FD $3600, 12.7 USG) 

This pick mostly hinges on Brandon Bass‘ status because if Bass is out again, Nance will be splitting minutes with Randle at the PF position.  You should know how this works by now with Nance healthy again.  The Lakers are tanking and spreading minutes all around as long as they have the bodies to do so.  It limits what Julius Randle can do at his price but Nance is priced near the very bottom.  With the 2 worst defense in the league going at it, even the cheaper guys have upside.  Nance has played at least 20 minutes over his last 4 games (25 & 26 over his last 2) and produced solid numbers in the 2 friendliest matchups in that span, against SAC and ORL (25.8 DKPTS, 23.5 DKPTS).  Against the Suns this season, he’s averaging 20.9 DKPTS in two meeting, which is over 6X’s value. I absolutely love this game for fantasy purposes. The most expensive guy on either team is Knight at $7000 (DK) and no defense will be played whatsoever.  It’s stack city.


Bismack Biyombo (DK $4600, FD $4200, 11.4 USG)

If Valenciunas is out again, here’s the highest owned player on the slate.  Part of me was happy with that 50 burger he dropped last night against the Pacers because of all the money he won me and part of me was pissed because of how highly owned he’s now going to be.  If you haven’t been paying attention, you simply have to roster Bismack in cash games at this price while he’s filling in for JoVal.  In back to back starts now, he’s averaging 44.05 DKPTS.  He didn’t even do much in OT against IND and still got 16 points, 25 rebounds.  Now the Celtics come to town. I team we’ve been using big men against all season long.  The Celtics give up the most rebounds in the league and the 10th most blocks, which is what Bizzy’s game is.  I’m praying to the Gods for Valenciunas to sit this one out with how little value there is today because Biyombo is in every lineup I currently have.

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