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Ty Dillon: Playing Fantasy Football As A NASCAR Driver

By Ty Dillon

I spend a lot of time researching Fantasy Football, reading articles, following experts on Twitter and listening to SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio. I’ve been lucky enough to meet a few fantasy players and analysts over the years. That helps me get good advice and also gives me a chance to compete against some experts like John Hansen (SiriusXM) or Ryan Fowler (Fox Sports) in the SiriusXM and Fantasy Football Nerd leagues I play in. Like on the track, competing against the best keeps me on top of my game. I know there’s never a week off in those leagues and I have to study matchups and make good moves just like I have to work hard in qualifying and study data before a race.

Fantasy sports is really one of my favorite things to spend free time on. It’s an easy conversation starter with friends, crew members and other drivers. Because I’m on the road a lot, I do about 90 percent of my research, waiver adds, trades and lineup setting on my iPhone.

DFS has been getting big this year and you can play NASCAR on DraftKings. Being a driver in people’s lineups has given me a new outlook on fantasy sports for sure. At Pocono this year, I had a decent day and was one of the top scorers in my price range I guess. I thought that was so cool, finishing ahead of my projection. Someone came up to me and said I helped them win their competition and hearing that was awesome! I’ve been on the side where I’m rooting for particular players to help me win, so it’s neat seeing the opposite side of it.

Fantasy also helps me make a personal connection with the guys on my team at Richard Childress Racing. In our 16-team league, we are all very active and are constantly talking, especially over text. Because I don’t get to see everyone all the time, it helps me stay close to friends and colleagues throughout the team. We put an emphasis on team bonding here at RCR and this is just another way we do that.

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Ty Dillon drives the No. 3 Bass Pro Shops/WESCO/Yuengling Light Lager Chevy for Richard Childress Racing. He spends his much of his free time outdoors – mountain biking, hunting, fishing or hiking. Ty is an avid sports fan, rooting for the Carolina Panthers, Atlanta Braves and Charlotte Hornets. He’s also in several fantasy leagues, including one with his brother Austin and other members of Richard Childress Racing.