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If the 2015 MLB Playoffs Started Today: Too Early Version

A quick look at the the 2015 MLB Playoff bracket if the playoffs started today.

It’s never too early to start speculating over potential match-ups for the 2015 MLB Playoffs. Let’s face it, some of us start speculating in April. That said let’s take a look at what it might look like if the 2015 MLB Playoffs started today (which they absolutely will not).

The following graphic is courtesy of, and their projection updates daily, so keep it marked if you plan on obsessing for the next month.

There are really only a couple of certain locks: Kansas City, St. Louis appear destined for a berth. The rest of the field may seem a bit up in the air, but win-loss patterns over the past few weeks tell a different story.

There is still plenty of time for the Mets to blow it, and plenty of time for the Giants to reclaim NL West.

Again, far too early. Nonetheless:



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