10 Quick Tips to Draft a League-Winning Fantasy Football Team

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The beginning to a fruitful fantasy football season always starts with a successful draft. These philosophies and ideals can lead you to fantasy championship bliss come end of season.

1. Get your quarterback late. Fantasy Points from the quarterback position are the most replaceable.

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2. Stock up early on workhorse running backs, they are the most vital players needed to win a championship.

3. Make your own rankings. Make your own decisions and live or die by them.

4. Don’t panic during your draft. Stick to your research and don’t be swayed by the masses.

5.Get your tight end late. After Rob Gronkowski, there a bunch of ‘guys’ who are all in a similar tier. Comparable players to the mid-round tight ends can be found in the 8th-12th rounds.

6. Draft players on good offenses. You will typically find better fantasy producers on offenses like Green Bay and Pittsburgh than Jacksonville or Oakland.

7. Stream defenses. Don’t draft one defense and stick to them all season. Pick up defenses that have good matchups that week versus turn over prone quarterbacks with bad offensive lines.

8. Get the most valuable players available. If you already have a surplus at a position, but a guy you really like falls to you, draft him. You can trade that player during the season, after he has a big game, for a position of need.

9. Do your draft at home. Get comfortable with a snack and a drink, have your spreadsheets ready, and your favorite statistical site pulled up. Public drafts breed error. Let your league mates make draft mistakes while they party

10. Don’t worry about bye weeks while drafting. Are you really going to get a worse player because you won’t have them the same week as another guy? By the time the bye comes around you will have plenty of chances to pick up a player or two on the waiver wire or trade the player. This notion is one of the biggest misconceptions in all of fantasy football.

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