XN Sports Predictions for the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup

2015 FIFA Women's Word Cup

There is no obvious projected winner for the FIFA Women’s World Cup Canada 2015 this summer, as the global field of women’s soccer strengthens more and more with each progressing year. The FIFA Women’s World Cup consists of a group stage of twenty-four teams followed by a classic knockout stage. The group stage utilizes a point system to eliminate eight teams from play and determines the placement of the remaining sixteen teams in the first round of knockout games.

Our Group Stage predictions are below. The first game of the FIFA Women’s World Cup is on June 6th, and the championship match will take place on July 5th.

Group Stage Predictions:

Group A: Canada, China, Netherlands, New Zealand
Predictions to Advance:
Winner: Canada
Runner up: Netherlands

Group B: Germany, Norway, Thailand, Ivory Coast
Predictions to Advance:
Winner: Germany
Runner Up: Norway

Group C: Japan, Switzerland, Ecuador, Cameroon
Prediction to Advance:
Winner: Japan
Runner Up: Switzerland

Group D: USA, Australia, Sweden, Nigeria (“Group of Death”)
Predictions to Advance:
Winner: USA
Runner Up: Sweden

Group E: Brazil, South Korea, Spain, Costa Rica
Predictions to Advance:
Winner: Brazil
Runner Up: South Korea

Group F: France, England, Mexico, Colombia
Predictions to Advance:
Winner: France
Runner Up: England

Also Predicted to Advance:
3rd Group B/E/F: Mexico
3rd Group A/C/D: Australia
3rd Group A/B/F: China
3rd Group C/D/E: Spain

Knockout Stage Predictions:

Coming soon!

Download a blank bracket of the knockout stage below to make your own predictions at home. We’ll have our filled out bracket once the knockout stage begins.

2015 Women's Word Cup Bracket
2015 Women’s Word Cup Bracket

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