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Top 5 Free Agent Runnings Backs For 2015

Sam Spiegelman ranks the top free agent running backs available this offseason and where they may be headed.

DeMarco Murray

5. Stevan Ridley
The No. 5 spot was difficult to pick, but we had to go with Ridley. The former LSU star has been ultra-productive with New England, though his positive contributions have been negated by his fumbling issues.

In 2012 Ridley rushed for 1,263 yards on 290 carries and found the end zone a dozen times. But sharing carries in 2013 and an early season trip to the I.R. this year have somewhat derailed his career.

Ridley is 26 and is capable of being a true No. 1 running back. Fumbling is the chief concern, but it’s obviously something other backs have gotten over while in the NFL. He may come at a cheaper price than Murray or Ingram, and could wind up being a steal.

*Just missed the cut: Ryan Mathews, Ahmad Bradshaw, Frank Gore

Bradshaw and Gore are nearing the end of their careers. Bradshaw has been productive, including last season, but is constantly battling injury after injury. He’ll be 29 by the time training camp begins and is coming off a broken leg, so he’s a flier more than anything.

Gore, the ageless wonder, will be 32 in the spring. He just rushed for a fourth straight 1,000-yard season, but inevitably he’s going to begin to decline. Right?

Mathews has flashed signs of being a promising back, but injuries have constantly been in an issue in the early part of his career. That track record is a red flag to other NFL teams, which means he’s likely will wind up staying put in San Diego, where he has found success at times over the last two seasons.

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