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Rob Gronkowski Reads Gronk Erotica at Media Day

And now, a dramatic reading of ‘A Gronking to Remember.’

Rob Gronkowski

Earlier this month we discovered that there’s an entire series of Rob Gronkowski erotic books on Amazon.

At Media Day on Tuesday, Gronk revealed that he has read the series and a reporter urged him to read a line from one of the books, because that’s something reporters do at weeklong press junkets where there’s little to write about outside of the inflation level of footballs.

“In front of the entire country, Gronk’s spike impacts right between my butt cheeks,” Gronkowski read, in front of the entire country. “And then the rest is pretty outrageous too.”

The douchey reporter then asked him, “Could you imagine that actually happening? A woman running onto the field and you spiking the ball right between her butt cheeks?”

“If someone wants it that’d be pretty funny, why not?” Gronk replied.

Well, game on ladies.

Then the whole thing devolved into lousy reporters trying to coax Gronk into doing stuff.

They got him to sing Katy Perry.

And, in case you were wondering, Gronk loves puppies.

And we wonder why Marshawn Lynch hates the media.

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