Fantasy Football Player Rankings: Week 16

2014 Fantasy Football Rankings powered by FantasyPros

28 thoughts on “Fantasy Football Player Rankings: Week 16”

  1. AlexDunlapNFL

    CDCarter13 LordReebs 2QBFFB Saw the disgusting Trashman had him at No.2 in our RW composite rankings, now this? hmm

  2. AlexDunlapNFL

    CDCarter13 LordReebs 2QBFFB a disgusting piece of human garbage but he’s a sick fantasy player.

  3. CDCarter13 highly considering benching mccoy for f jax (std). Just not sure I have the balls. still love mccoy skill set, situation tho…

  4. CDCarter13 Shady is a better RB in a vacuum, but the only reason not to bench him for F Jax seems to be draft position, which is dumb IMHO

  5. russmanalastas

    CDCarter13 is your love for Kelce ranked higher than your love for Pitta? This is assuming if Pitta was still healthy

  6. russmanalastas Old flames never die, I suppose, but Pitta is a system player. I think Kelce can thrive anywhere/everywhere.

  7. CDCarter13 RickyRHowe how interchangeable are panthers d and rams d? I mean how much further ahead is panthers d on your rankings?

  8. CDCarter13 Can’t lie, got cold feet, played Shady. Worked out, but my decision went against all the info and I feel very relieved not smart

  9. CDCarter13 thx so much for helping me win 1st place in my fantasy league! I hope you continue to give me advice next year as well! Thank u!

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