Murph’s Musings: A New Chapter Set To Begin

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Hi all,

I’m saddened to announce that my radio show Top Shelf, which has been heard Monday-Friday 2-3 PM ET on Sirius/XM NHL Network and, will be off the air after this Friday. I’ve just taken a new job and am moving back to Boston to at the end of the month after living in Montreal for the last two years. As a result, I will no longer be hosting Top Shelf and this Friday will be the last show. There was an effort to make the show still remain on air on NHL Network Radio but the logistics just didn’t work. So this Friday will be the last Top Shelf ever.

But on to the good news. I’ve just been hired by, a company based in Montreal, as their New England sales rep. Just to give you some insight on, we provide amateur and youth level rinks and sporting venues with free (24/7 if they so desire) live streaming of sporting events held at their venues. We install and operate 5-6 cameras free of charge and man them from a central office in Montreal. The cameras have sensors and follow all movement on the ice via an algorithm and state of the art technology. It’s already taking off and the future looks bright!

As for my hockey media career, I still plan to write on hockey here for and possibly other outlets. I’ll also do as many radio and TV hits as my schedule permits. But while I’m saddened to not be on the air, this is the right move at this point for my family and me and it’s good to be Shipping Back To Boston!

Before I sign off as host of Top Shelf for the final time, I wanted to let you all know how much I appreciated your support of the show and me. To my family, my girlfriend Jaime Scaife, Kathleen Machabee of Holiday Inn Montreal Aiport , my producer Brian Kowlessar, Kamal Panesar and Marc Afalo of, Joe Thistel and Peter Berce of Sirius/XM NHL Network Radio, WSMN and Sirius/XM NHL Network Radio, my other sponsors Brutopia Brew Pub and McLean’s, regular guests, guests in general, NHL team PR reps, the NHL, and the many NHL executives, coaches, players and the listeners who helped make this show so fun and great, I thank you and appreciate your help and support!

Hope you can tune in this week and hope to see you around the rinks!

Happy Holidays!



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James Murphy
Jimmy Murphy has covered the NHL in print, radio and television for the last 13 years. In addition to his work here at, he currently hosts The Top Shelf Radio Show heard every Monday-Friday 1-3 PM ET on and 2-3 PM ET on Sirius/XM NHL Network Radio.