Tom Brady Won Prank War by Removing All 4 Tires From Matt Cassell’s Car

Tom Brady

A new Sports Illustrated profile on Tom Brady included a fun anecdote buried on page 3 that says everything you need to know about what kind of competitor the Pats superstar really is.

Back when Matt Cassel was backing up Brady in New England, the two apparently had a bit of a prank war. Needless to say, Cassel did not win.

Per Greg Bishop:

He didn’t just watch pranks and laugh. He engaged in them. He won them. He used to sit by the door to the quarterbacks’ meeting room and knock Cassel’s food out of his hands when he entered. The backup responded by filling Brady’s Nikes with a chocolate protein shake. Brady then had the tires taken off Cassel’s car, putting three of them in his locker and hiding the fourth — at which point Belichick put a stop to what he called World War III.

Slow clap.

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Igor Derysh
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