Hunter “Big Rig” Smith Accidentally Wipes Out Kid With Brutal Clothesline

The Ontario Hockey League’s Oshawa Generals did a cool thing and let a little kid join their pre-game team skate.

Apparently, no one told 6-foot-7 Hunter “Big Rig” Smith that.

About 35 seconds into the video, the kid goes from rife with excitement to sore and dazed as Smith accidentally wipes him out with a well-timed clothesline.

Oshawa Generals’ Heartwarming and Hilarious Pre-Game Moment

A Special Pre-Game Skate

The Ontario Hockey League’s Oshawa Generals did something special by letting a young fan join their pre-game skate. It was a heartwarming gesture meant to give the child an unforgettable experience on the ice with his heroes.

Enter Hunter “Big Rig” Smith

Standing at 6-foot-7, Hunter “Big Rig” Smith is a formidable presence on the ice. Known for his skill and size, Smith is a player who makes an impact in every game.

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The Unexpected Collision

About 35 seconds into the video, what started as an exciting moment for the young fan took an unexpected turn. As Smith skated around, he accidentally collided with the child. The kid, who was bursting with excitement, suddenly found himself sore and dazed from the unexpected wipeout.

Playing It Cool

Despite the collision, both Smith and the young fan handled the situation with grace. Smith quickly checked on the child, ensuring he was okay, and the young fan, though a bit shaken, was soon back on his feet. The moment became a mix of concern and humor for everyone watching.

The Power of Hockey Moments

This incident highlights the unpredictable and often humorous moments that make hockey so special. It also shows the generosity of teams like the Oshawa Generals, who go out of their way to create memorable experiences for their fans.

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A Memorable Experience

Fortunately, the young fan wasn’t seriously injured, and the incident turned into a memorable story for everyone involved. It’s a reminder of the excitement and occasional mishaps that come with the territory in hockey.


The Oshawa Generals’ pre-game skate with a young fan became a viral sensation, thanks to the accidental but humorous collision with Hunter “Big Rig” Smith. This moment encapsulates the fun, unexpected, and heartfelt aspects of hockey, making it a sport beloved by many.

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