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The 5 Most Frustrating NFL Quarterbacks

Sam Spiegelman ranks the top 5 most frustrating NFL quarterbacks we continue to watch, root for and — for some reason — continue to believe in.

Jay Cutler

3. Colin Kaepernick

When Kaepernick took over for Alex Smith down the stretch of the 2012 season, many proclaimed Jim Harbaugh a genius. Even though Smith had been successful at the helm of the 49ers, Kaepernick added a new dimension: the threat of a big arm paired with incredible athletic ability.

Kaepernick picked up right where Smith left off, leading San Francisco to a 5-2 regular-season mark in 2012 and a 12-4 record in the in 2013 regular season. And in the playoffs, he’s unleashed what we deemed his best performances yet, leading game-winning drives both of those postseasons while also posting video game-like numbers. Remember when he tore through Green Bay in 2012 and scored four times, twice through the air and twice on the ground? Then in 2013 he single-handedly accounted for 325 yards of offense, also against the Pack.

For the most part, however, it feels like Kaepernick has never figured out the quarterback position. He’s an big-armed athlete with tremendous physical gifts, but he’s wildly inconsistent and fails to always play up to those abilities. With Harbaugh rumored to be on his way out the door in San Francisco, there’s a legitimate question as to whether Kaepernick will be right behind him. This year he’s failed to make any progress as a passer, while being on track to set a career-high mark in interceptions.

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