The 5 Most Frustrating NFL Quarterbacks

1. Jay Cutler

Since his days in Denver, Cutler has been praised for his Brett Favre-ian arm strength, that gun-slinger mentality that would eventually translate into the quarterback becoming a big-time playmaker earning a living with big plays downfield. And while at times Cutler has certainly shown that, especially with Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffery at his disposal, he’s also been a turnover machine, always negating the success he’s had with costly mistakes, especially in crucial moments.

As a young player with the Broncos, Cutler threw for 54 touchdowns compared to 37 interceptions, a funk he was expected to grow out of as he matured. Instead, Cutler has owned a 125:89 touchdown to interception ratio since joining the Bears prior to the 2009 season, including a below-average interception percentage index in all but one season with the Bears.

This season was billed up to be Cutler’s best to date, but at 31 years of age and whispers that the Bears could be mulling ways to trade the quarterback, it looks as if all that promise will eventually turn to dust.

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