Brandon Knight Misses Wide Open Game-Winning Breakaway Layup, Nails Game-Tying Three

The Milwaukee Bucks and Brooklyn Nets dueled it out for three overtime periods on Wednesday though, really, it should have just been one.

Tied at 105-105, Knight stole the ball from the Nets, took it across the court himself, and completely missed the most open layup in the history of layups to send the game into a second OT.

A tough moment for Knight but he would get his redemption, keeping the Bucks alive in the second overtime as he sank a game-tying three to give the fans at the Barclays Center even more free basketball. Knight hit just two of his 10 three-point attempts in the game.

The Bucks went on to win 122-118 in triple overtime. Knight finished with 18 points, eight assists, and two steals. He shot just 5-of-20 from the court and 2-0f-10 from downtown.

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