Week 12 NFL Power Rankings

Tom Brady

27. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (LW: 30)

Guess which team likely just lost the ‘Top Overall Pick Sweepstakes?’ That’s right, with a 20-point road victory over the disastrous Resdkins, the Buccaneers won their second game of the season. In the grand scheme of 2014, this win actually does more damage to the Buccaneers’ future than it does good for the present. Of course, no team should want to lose games, but the Buccaneers have been so bad this season that their best hope for a quick revival is a top draft pick turning into a perennial star. That, or they could always go on a seven-game run to end the season 8-8. In the NFC South, that probably would lead to a division title. By a landslide.

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Mario Mergola
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