Video: Top Hockey Prospect in the World Severely Injures Hand in OHL Fight

Connor McDavid, the 17-year-old top pick in the 2012 OHL Entry Draft, injured his hand during a fight after he was hacked by an opposing player.

McDavid, the captain of the Erie Otters, underwent X-rays and many around the hockey universe suspect he suffered a fracture of some kind after he appeared to strike the glass with one of his punches.

If he did in fact suffer a fracture, he may be forced to miss the World Juniors which begin in just over six weeks.

The high-profile injury has also restarted the debate over fighting in junior hockey.

Damien Cox of SportsNet writes that we have become a “society that allows unpaid teenage boys to fight with their bare knuckles for the amusement of paying customers.”

What do you guys think? Should fighting be outright banned in junior hockey?

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