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Fantasy Baseball Waiver Wire – Hitters for the Playoffs

Josh Collacchi identifies his top fantasy baseball waiver wire targets that can power your team to playoff glory.

Jorge Soler
Jorge Soler

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The fantasy baseball playoffs have begun for most, and the waiver wire is not as important in terms of volume, but in terms of who is added, it is the most important week of the season to date. It’s the playoffs, so one bad start, or one 0-for-10 stretch, or one blown save can end your season. Be sure to add wisely. Streaming starting pitchers becomes more common in the playoffs, so be sure to keep an eye on the waiver wire for those with good matchups.

Be sure to remember one thing, in the playoffs, owners will get desperate. If someone needs a win or a few strikeouts on the last day, that owner will drop almost anyone to keep he or she moving to the next round. Be sure to scavenge the waiver wire for players who are dropped in acts of desperation. You never know…maybe someone drops David Price after his start this week!

Whether it is a free agent pool, a budget-based system, or weekly waivers, playing the wire is a key element to winning your fantasy baseball leagues.

Without further ado, let’s play the waiver wire:

This week’s waiver piece will be in two sections. Monday included some pitchers to add or stream for this week. Today’s piece will have hitters to look at for the last four days of your fantasy matchup.


Jorge Soler, Outfield, Chicago Cubs

Soler does not have an at-bat in the Major Leagues, but is a hot add on the waiver wire this week for the playoffs. Soler is next in line for the Cubs and their slew of top prospects to reach the majors, with Kris Bryant soon to follow. What can Soler bring your team? In the minor leagues, he had 544 at-bats where he hit .307 with 28 home runs, 117 runs batted in, 17 stolen bases, and 108 runs. Soler also crushed 43 doubles, and with young hitters those doubles can develop into home runs as they get stronger. Soler is a five-tool player, but is he a five category star in your fantasy league? Expect him to steal a few bases, hit a few home runs and drive in a few baserunners, but his average could suffer as he adjusts to Major League pitching, like Baez before him.

Mookie Betts, Outfield, Boston Red Sox

“Cheap speed” is a fantasy baseball adage, and at this point Betts is one of the key members of that club. Since he has become a full-time player the Red Sox, he has a hit in seven of nine games, and has stolen a base in three of his last four games. Betts has the potential to hit .300 and steal 40 bases in a full season, so add him for your playoff run if you want some runs and stolen bases without sacrificing batting average. Betts is near the bottom of the lineup, but he still has a chance to score some runs and steal bases for the remainder of this season.

Yadier Molina, Catcher, St. Louis Cardinals

Molina is likely on someone’s disabled list, but a few leagues do not have slots for injured players so be sure to check your waiver wire. If Molina is there, add him and you’ll have a top-tier catcher for the playoffs. Molina is due to return in the next week or so and will look to lead the Cardinals to the postseason. So far this season, Molina is hitting .287 with 30 runs scored, 30 runs batted in, and seven home runs in 303 at-bats.

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