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Four For The Road: A Fantasy Improv

Some of us need a little fantasy improv in our lives and today it is much needed after the passing of Robin Williams. Fantasy hockey fans…here you go.

Robin Williams
Robin Williams

Robin Williams

Today was admittedly a somber day as yesterday the passing of Robin Williams hit social media like a huge roundhouse right to the solar plexus. A lot of what we do as so called “fantasy experts” is honestly improvisational. We see a situation or possible situation then act on it. In that process, we may try to put our experience on print or the internet perhaps.

Hell, if there were not different experiences, no one would adapt. The fun is to experience life and celebrate life. In this case, we embrace the challenges of fantasy hockey and sometimes may merge it with a little comedic relief. This is our little fantasy improv.

Let’s quickly get down to business with a little twist. Again this is part of what we do.

1. We try to treat people like Patch Adams would.

When people ask me questions, I try to think of how best to answer the question. Sometimes there are no easy answers. The goal is to not get fantasy hockey GMs to think like we would but just to have the most information to make crucial decisions. That does not mean that we are humorless but far from it. Curing the dilemma and the person’s other problems via follow up questions should always be the goal but occasionally from a humorous perspective. The funniest thing I can remember last year is a person asking if they should pick up Martin Brodeur late in the season. “Why would you do that? There has to be someone on the waiver wire and look there’s Frederik Andersen…..go get him already.” I still remember the person saying they never heard of him. My response was they have to be better than a doughnut.

2. In the end, we are a “Jack” of all trades but we really are just human.

Sometimes we do make mistakes. I keep asking myself why I dropped Cory Schneider and kept Antti Niemi in the second half last year. Everyday I think about this as I am a fan, writer, media, scout, and wear so many hats. Yet, to err is to human. No one should expect fantasy hockey perfection and for almost all of us this is not necessarily our primary career so forgive us.

3. Think about it! Fantasy is so much better than reality like Peter Pan.

Thankfully, fantasy sports offer us an outlet from our everyday lives. Think of how the industry has mushroomed with everything from daily fantasy hockey to auctions, keepers, roto, H2H, and so many platform options. So few of these options existed a decade ago. A lot of us became experts by playing over and over again until we became good enough. Then we did not stop because we wanted to fly and thrive and that is why no one should stop learning.

4. In an odd way, fantasy experts are like genies in a sense.

Like Aladdin, owners are looking for answers and they wish and wistfully ask questions hoping for the right answers. Sure sometimes this leads to more and more questions and challenging problems, but hey that is the fun. I am thankful that personally I can help so many people with what seems like something so small. It is why I try to answer everything and anything.


It is safe to say most of us try to be “renaissance people” but that pales in comparison to what Robin Williams was. He was a genius on camera and a gentlemen off. If we can be a fraction of Mr. Williams, this would be a hell of a world we live in. Truly this fantasy improv is with a heavy heart.

Depression is a vile and relentless beast. If you are experiencing it, get help no matter how severe it is. You never really know. Rest in peace and Nanu Nanu!

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