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MLB Power Rankings Week 16

Tony Consiglio ranks all 30 MLB teams heading into the All-Star Break.

Sonny Gray

We have reached the Major League Baseball season’s unofficial halfway mark with the arrival of the All-Star Break. And at this point, it appears the Athletics have established themselves as the team to beat. They have the game’s best record and most well-rounded roster. They are, again, atop the XN Sports Power Rankings.

But there is a new team nipping at their heels, and it just so happens to be a division rival. The Angels have fought their way into the number two spot as they have emerged as a legitimate contender. Meanwhile, another A.L. West opponent, though, which is generally in that conversation has plummeted nearly to the bottom of the rankings. It is a tough time for the Rangers who, paired the the Astros in the bottom spot, create an A.L. West double bookend at each end of this week’s rankings. The remaining teams fill out the 26 spots in between.

With the second half of the season looming, every team has things to focus on over the next two-and-a-half months. Along with our weekly rankings are one question for each team that will have a bearing on what happens from here on out.

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