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2014 World Cup

World Cup Final Match Preview: Messi Desperate To Win Gold

Argentina’s Lionel Messi says that winning the 2014 World Cup would be a greater achievement than anything he’s already accomplished.

Lionel Messi

As tomorrow’s World Cup Final Match between Germany and Argentina approaches, Lionel Messi has spoken out about how much winning the World Cup would mean to him.

In 2010, many of his supporters thought it was his time to win the big cup, but Messi’s performances didn’t live up to the hype. It has been different this year, though.

Lionel Messi currently has four goals and one assist in six matches and he will not stop there. He’s desperate for gold.

Earlier today Lionel Messi even admitted to the media that winning the World Cup will be a greater achievement to him than any other personal record he’s won to date.

“I would give all my personal records to be world champion,” the Argentine was quoted telling Bild.

“I’d prefer to win the World Cup than the Ballon d’Or,” Messi told Adidas reporters.

“As a player, winning the World Cup is the biggest thing there is,” he said. “It’s something you dream of as a youngster and that dream never fades away. I’ve asked my teammates at Barcelona, Xavi, Iniesta, and Pique, what it’s like to lift the trophy and they said it’s hard to explain. We’ll be doing everything we can to turn this dream into a reality.”

Argentina is currently suffering from injuries to Angel Di Maria and Javier Mascherano, however despite a concussion scare the latter is still expected to play.

Mascherano spoke to the media about the upcoming match against Germany, saying, “We’re there and we’ll try it with the soul heart and head.”

“Now we are on the last step and will try to live up to the circumstances, and then get to the destination,” he told reporters. “I wish I could enjoy it and can play with joy and excitement it deserves. This is what you aim for in life and what you imagines was far off, almost impossible. The dream is a great one.

“Right now all this is crossing my mind. I am a person who is easily excited and this is all in part for our squad, but also for those who struggle at our side – family and friends who have endures through thick and thin.”

Argentina will face Germany tomorrow at 3:00pm EST at the Estádio Maracanã in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

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