A Look at Where Quarterbacks are Drafted in 2-QB Fantasy Football Mocks in 2014

Peyton Manning
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One feature I put together last offseason for 2-QB fantasy footballers was to provide a detailed look at where quarterbacks were being drafted in 2-QB mock drafts.

I already went over a few ways to handle the quarterback position this year in 2-QB drafts based on the latest 2-QB ADP data available to us, but still wanted to give a snapshot view of when and where quarterbacks were being taken in 2-QB drafts.

Below you’ll see a spreadsheet that includes the following information based on eight 2-QB mock drafts: overall draft slot of every quarterback in each 2-QB mock draft, their current 2-QB ADP, and what their highest and lowest draft position was.

All eight 2-QB mocks are of the 12-team league variety except mock #3, which was 10-teams (and that has been made note of in the spreadsheet). Each league awards 6 points/passing touchdown, and has a .5PPR setting. The first five mock drafts were done pre-NFL Draft and the last three were post-NFL Draft.

A look into 2-QB Drafts

One thing I came away with after looking at the data is that quarterbacks are going everywhere…

Peyton Manning went 10th in one draft. Alex Smith was undrafted in one. Johnny Manziel was drafted as high as 38th overall in one of the drafts. Tony Romo went as low as 69 in another, but I think that has more to do with it being 10 teams in size, rather than 12.

The depth at the quarterback position is starting to creep into 2-QB leagues, which gives us more flexibility with our 2-QB draft strategy. Look for Carson Palmer and Geno Smith to be drafted higher than they currently are. Ryan Fitzpatrick might also start to see a boost to this 2-QB ADP eventually. Jay Cutler at QB14 is a great starting point for those of you wanting to take the LRQB approach to drafting and transfer it to 2-QB leagues.

Knowing when quarterbacks are being drafted on average will help you figure out when to start targeting the quarterbacks you want in your 2-QB league. Visualizing exactly when and where those quarterbacks have been drafted also gives you an idea of when you should start adding specific quarterbacks to your draft queue.

Using the data in this spreadsheet as well as the info provided in the 2-QB ADP data here and the possible strategies involved with certain quarterbacks and their 2-QB ADP tier following the 2-QB ADP data should be a useful research tool for your upcoming 2-QB fantasy football drafts.

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