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Timberwolves Should Pull Trigger On Klay Thompson-Kevin Love Swap Or Make Bulls Increase Offer

The Timberwolves have two possible offers for Kevin Love but the Golden State Warriors’ offer of Klay Thompson far exceeds what the Bulls are willing to deal.

Kevin Love

Earlier this week, it was reported the Golden State Warriors would need to include Klay Thompson in any trade package to land Kevin Love from the Minnesota Timberwolves.

According to reports, Thompson, David Lee and a first-round pick would bring Love and Kevin Martin to the Bay Area. But apparently, there is an “organizational split” as whether the team wants to part ways with the sharp-shooting Thompson.


What is being described as an “organizational split” on the willingness to part with prized shooting guard Klay Thompson has led to an impasse in the Golden State Warriors’ trade pursuit of All-Star forward Kevin Love, according to sources close to the process.

After it appeared that the Warriors were prepared to part with Thompson in a deal to land Minnesota’s Love, sources told that Hall of Fame consultant Jerry West and new Warriors coach Steve Kerr have voiced opposition to surrendering both Thompson and a future first-round pick to the Timberwolves along with former All-Star forward David Lee for Love and Wolves guard Kevin Martin.

Others in the Warriors’ organization are said to be willing to surrender Thompson if it means landing Love, who is widely regarded as the marquee name on this offseason’s trade market. But sources say the talks, which were gathering momentum in advance of the upcoming NBA Draft, have stalled.

Just as it seemed as if Golden State was hesitant to deal Thompson, the Chicago Bulls reportedly made an offer to Minnesota, one that revolved around forward Taj Gibson that would also include Tony Snell and the No. 16 and 19 picks in this year’s draft, ESPN reported.

If both offers stand as is, the Timberwolves should strike and strike quickly.

The chance to land one of the best 3-point shooters in the league, Thompson, in addition to Lee and a future first-round pick is light years better than Gibson, Snell, and two late first-round selections in an overwhelmingly shallow draft.

The big question, though, is whether Golden State budges on Thompson.

The Warriors should be willing to give up Thompson if it brings Love and Martin to town. We all know Love is an All-Star caliber power forward that can shoot from beyond the arc, play tough in the paint, and crash the boards. His size and offensive skill-set is unique for a big man in today’s NBA. Martin, too, is a very capable scorer, and though he may not have the same ceiling as Thompson, he can certainly provide some perimeter shooting to a Golden State offense that would already include Love and Steph Curry.

In comparing the two offers, a trade involving Thompson and Lee seems so much steeper than one that is really just bringing Gibson, which is Minnesota settling for some picks and a downgrade in the front-court.

If the Timberwolves can’t get the Warriors to comply and then settle for Chicago’s offer, consider it the ransom of the decade. The Bulls need to make a more enticing package, if possible, whether that means a sign-and-trade or not.

Otherwise, Minnesota should wait for some other team to assemble an offer comparable to the Warriors’. It’s Kevin Love, you know, so make the trade worth it.

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