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GIF: ESPN’s Tim Kurkjian Gets Smoked In Sausage Race

ESPN baseball analyst Tim Kurkjian took part in the Miller Park Sausage Race and reminded everyone why sportswriters cover rather than participate in sports.

A reminder to sports writers everywhere: there’s a reason you weren’t invited to participate in the sausage race.

The famous sausage race at Miller Park in Milwaukee had a familiar face suit up (costume up?) Monday night when the Washington Nationals took on the Milwaukee Brewers.

Tim Kurkjian gave forth a valiant effort, though it turned out donning the sausage gear was quite the hindrance. The walking baseball encyclopedia that is Kurkjian started slow and finished even slower, coming in fifth place in the sausage race and getting smoked by the competition.

Watch here:

Commentator Sean McDonough estimated the loss to be 24 lengths, and it could be partly due to the fact he remained in suit pants for the race.

Well, it just goes to show that sports writers aren’t nearly as athletic as the athletes they cover in and out on a nightly basis. Thanks, Tim, for reminding us.

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