4 Takeaways From LeBron James’ Wife’s Instagram About Ohio

Oh, no she didn’t.

Sunday night, LeBron James‘s wife, Savannah Brinson, took to Instragram to post a photo of Ohio and the couple’s hometown of Akron. Below, her caption read “Home sweet home!! The countdown is real! #330.”

Let the chaos ensue.

So does this mean LeBron is heading back to the Cleveland Cavaliers? Could a reunion really be possible?

Here are my five takeaway from this post:

1. LeBron isn’t going back to Cleveland

The Cavs just hired David Blatt to be their head coach, and reports surfaced that the European legend is not the right guy to lure LeBron home.

Instead, reports indicated a coach like Mark Jackson may have made it more interesting.

2. Savannah Brinson wants likes

If you’re on Instagram, you want likes.

By posting a picture of Akron, Ohio, any fans of LeBron that also follow his wife were enthralled to see this. All of a sudden there’s thousands of likes. Consider it an Instagram well done.

3. Putting the Heat on Pat Riley

See what I did there?

LeBron is going to remind Heat president Pat Riley that it is not a lock that he’ll stay in South Beach. So when the press goes nuts about his wife suggesting he could head back to Cleveland, Riley is reminded of what he needs to do this offseason to keep LeBron happy.

4. A baby on her way

According to Cleveland.com, James and Savannah are expecting their third child. And given the rumors that circulated indicating James enrolled his sons in an Ohio school, perhaps Savannah is planning to give birth to the third child in their hometown.

Sorry Cavs fans.

1 thought on “4 Takeaways From LeBron James’ Wife’s Instagram About Ohio”

  1. Lebron is going back to Cleveland…he wants to be a legendary player and exceed Kobe at the least. There aren’t 3 more championships in Miami and that only puts him on par with Kobe anyway. Lebron becomes a legend, and not just an inner circle HOFer by doing something that arguably even Jordan couldn’t. Win a ship in Cleveland.

    He already has two rings. He could go down swinging in Cleveland and he would be loved by the world anyway. endorsements would shoot through the roof. Of course, the Cavs have talent, but no leadership and in a few years Lebron could lead them to the Finals in a very weak East.

    Lebron goes to Cleveland and destroys the internet, and enters the Russel/Jordan/Chamberlain/Jabbar conversation as the greatest ever…

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