Daily Fantasy Baseball DFS Value Update and Lineup – May 23

Washington Nationals (Zimmermann) at Pittsburgh Pirates (Morton)

Outside of the top two pitching options today, I’ll be targeting Zimmermann quite often. He’s been roughed up his last couple of outings which has driven down his price but he’s still a pretty good pitcher regardless. There aren’t many of their hitters I’ll be specifically targeting, though.

Jordan Zimmermann (SP) – $16,905

Ian Desmond (SS) – $5360

I may be tempted to start Doc Morton in this game as well. His price his bottom-of-the-barrel and he’s not pitched bad at all this year (3.45 ERA, 1.24 WHIP, 2.06 K/BB ratio). The Nats have scored exactly one run in back to back games so Morton isn’t a bad third option tonight. I’ll shy away from most hitters against Zimmermann, though.

Charlie Morton (SP) – $10,423

Tony Sanchez (C) – $3456

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