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Carey Price Likely Out For Game 2; Possibly Series

According to a source with direct knowledge of the situation, Canadiens goalie Carey Price is likely out for Game 2 of the Eastern Conference Finals and possibly the remainder of the series.

Carey Price out game 2
Carey Price out game 2

Jean-Yves Ahern-USA TODAY Sports

According to a source with direct knowledge of the situation, Canadiens goalie Carey Price is likely out for Game 2 of the Eastern Conference Finals and possibly the remainder of the series. The source said that Price likely hyper-extended his right knee on the play and may have torn ligaments in the knee.

Price injured his knee when Rangers forward Chris Kreider slid into him skates first at 3:15 of the second period in the 7-2 loss to the Rangers in Game 1. He laid on the ice for a bit and then skated around to shake off the pain. After staying in the game and allowing two more goals he was replaced by Peter Budaj after the second period.

Price skated with goaltending coach Stephane Waite for about five minutes prior to an optional practice Sunday, mostly side to side in the crease and then left the ice. After practice, Canadiens coach Michel Therrien would not confirm if Price would be in the lineup for Game 2 Tuesday. 

“Today was an optional practice,” Therrien said. “It was a therapy day for Carey. We’ll see if he’s able to play.”

Budaj and Dustin Tokarski served as the two goalies for practice and will do the same in Game 2 if Price is unavailable.

UPDATE 5/19 : It has been confirmed that Price will miss the rest of the Eastern Conference Finals.

  • CuzinLou

    MurphysLaw74 BWildeCTV Speculation! Can we just wait until tomorrow!

  • emrabber

    MurphysLaw74 if I was Lundqvist i would have a hard time sleeping tonite

  • DinoRiccardi

    MurphysLaw74 BWildeCTV Please say it isn’t so!

  • chaotickareem

    MurphysLaw74 BWildeCTV this makes no sense. If he had torn ligaments he wouldn’t have been on the ice this morning even testing it out.

  • Tomriddz

    erincandy pretty shitty way for the rangers to take the series is budaj can’t hand it. Especially after a rest series with Boston

  • erincandy

    Tomriddz yeah definitely bad luck for them. Budaj sucks compared to Price

  • Tomriddz

    erincandy oh well rest of the teams gonna have to step up

  • erincandy

    Tomriddz yeah they’ll have to play better than Saturday for sure

  • maryellen_sb

    MurphysLaw74 jtchockey hypocrites on here! Now that their goalie has an injury that was an accident gloves off, lundqvist wont sleep.

  • MannyMay514

    MurphysLaw74 BWildeCTV as far as DarrenDreger is concerned Price is playing. Word on the street!

  • sh00n_

    MurphysLaw74 BWildeCTV I expected this from Boston, not New York. Poor Carey, he deserves so much better.

  • maryellen_sb

    MurphysLaw74 jtchockey biggest cry babies in sports! Always something. #CryBabies

  • Rob_H_MTL

    MurphysLaw74 Dredger reports that Price has been telling everyone around him that he will play #BECAUSEITSTHECUP

  • TouNeT_77

    25stanley pas pire on a les 2 versions … #onnepeutpassetromper

  • JBezeau94

    MurphysLaw74 You don’t know. Nobody knows. Don’t try to be a Bob McKenzie.

  • InteractiveDsgr

    maryellen_sb MurphysLaw74 jtchockey butthurt much? #fore #GoHabsGo

  • kobiamram

    25stanley MurphysLaw74 if he tore ligaments like your source says, why would he even suit up to test his knee this morning?

  • InteractiveDsgr

    maryellen_sb MurphysLaw74 jtchockey who was it that ran over Miller… I can’t remember… Oh right Lucic! #bigtoughguy #had2beanaccident

  • PatrickDenis20

    25stanley ça va pas bin du tout la !!!!!!!

  • maryellen_sb

    InteractiveDsgr MurphysLaw74 jtchockey CRYBABIES!!!!!! Only reason they are in the playoffs cause the NHL wanted team from Canada.

  • InteractiveDsgr

    maryellen_sb MurphysLaw74 jtchockey LOLLLL You are joking right? Oupss you’re not.. Now that’s just sad. #getreal #itsabusiness

  • maryellen_sb

    InteractiveDsgr MurphysLaw74 jtchockey you’re joking that they let crybabies in the SCF. Omg u aren’t. Lol.

  • bagel_bagel68

    MurphysLaw74 jcarriere72 Time to take a run at Lundqvist! Skate hard and fall down, that’s all.

  • InteractiveDsgr

    maryellen_sb MurphysLaw74 1 minute u say Rask sucks. Next one, you say Habs are still playing since they’re a CAN team.. #makeupyourmind

  • maryellen_sb

    InteractiveDsgr this should habs new entrance song. Big Boys Don’t Cry. Oh wait meant shouldn’t lol. #cry

  • InteractiveDsgr

    maryellen_sb at least we don’t get come close to weeping like Lucic did after the game 7 ass-whopping they got served.

  • maryellen_sb

    InteractiveDsgr lol. Hope you enjoy the next 3 games with budaj &

  • InteractiveDsgr

    maryellen_sb typical Bruins fan. Chirping even when they’re at the 19th hole.. #moveon #nothingtoseehere #hockeymilf

  • InteractiveDsgr

    maryellen_sb at least we’re still playing honeybun.

  • InteractiveDsgr

    maryellen_sb and Price will be there. Rest assured. Everything is under control.

  • martinbedard

    FrLegare impossible de gagner avec Budaj 🙁 En plus “l’accident” est semi-involontaire

  • maryellen_sb

    InteractiveDsgr enjoy budaj & tokatski HONEYBUN lmao

  • InteractiveDsgr

    maryellen_sb we beat the Bruns, our year is already successful. Who cares about the rest #fore

  • KreiOfTheTiger

    jimbro83 just watched the replay habs assertions are such bs. all the more reason to think the injury is serious.

  • TKBlueshirt

    jimbro83 how trustworthy is this site?

  • jimbro83

    TKBlueshirt I have no idea

  • jhubbard2004

    MurphysLaw74 Awe. I’m heart broken. The Habs fans will use this as excuse. Hockey God’s aren’t w/ them in this series unlike B’s series.

  • mikey1829

    We beat these guys with Dryden in the net this year so there are no excuses.

  • NoDoughDub

    FrLegare MurphysLaw74 “according to a[n uncited] source” = conjecture

  • bruce_arthur

    MortgageTidBit I’d be real careful about that

  • hamearislucina

    FrLegare MontrealRetweet MurphysLaw74 nooooooooooooooo!!!!

  • joeferrarijoe

    MurphysLaw74 R U SERIOUS?

  • KarineHains

    If he tore ligaments he would not have been able to stay in the game nor would he be walking without crutches, let alone going on the ice on skates.

  • FrHarvey

    25stanley C’est n’importe quoi.

  • fpuro

    gros porc dangereux Chris kreider! La commande devait venir du banc… Un tel comportement tue l’essence même du sport!

  • Kpower90

    ev_sporer whoa

  • ev_sporer

    Kpower90 Yeah, don’t know how that story hasn’t gotten more play. Came out over 4 hours ago…

  • Kpower90

    ev_sporer it sounds very vague, and maybe it’s not the most respected name?

  • ev_sporer

    Kpower90 James is good people, a credible source.

  • Kpower90

    ev_sporer yeah? Surprised it hasn’t gotten much play. I guess people are looking out for tweets from TSN or something

  • PSaintDenis

    fpuro Wô le doc ! C’est pas les Broad Street Bullies !

  • fpuro

    PSaintDenis fpuro
    c est le troisième gardien qu’il blesse en 2 ans le gros épais…

  • fpuro

    de plus, les broad street bullies ne plantaient pas les gardiens, toujours au sol et vulnerables….

  • AClockworkMan

    @jhubbard2004 MurphysLaw74  So in your genius it was “hockey gods” who caused the bruins loss, but habs fans should not use *this* as an excuse. You are a real tool aren’t you?

  • AndrewBerkshire

    willmarcello Yes. I wouldn’t worry about that report.

  • willmarcello

    AndrewBerkshire Seemed iffy… “source with direct knowledge” would know more than “likely hyper-extended”, “may have torn ligaments”.

  • willmarcello

    AndrewBerkshire And now I see the official news. FFFFUUUU…

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