Daily Fantasy Baseball DFS Value Update and Lineup – May 10

Philadelphia Phillies (Kendrick) at New York Mets (Gee)

The Kyle Kendrick Regression started a couple of starts ago and though he’s facing the Mets, it could legitimately get worse today. I’ll take a pass. I’m not really enthused over the Phillies hitters against Dillon Gee, either. Mostly.

Ryan Howard (1B) – $5787

Other than Ryan Howard, there’s nothing that should really worry DFSers away from Dillon Gee today. I don’t know how many Mets hitters I will be relying on today, though (Read: none).

Dillon Gee (SP) – $16,996

Boston Red Sox (Lester) at Texas Rangers (Perez)

Lester has been about as solid as can be every outing so far this year but it always worries me when a pitcher goes in to Arlington. I think I’d rather just avoid for today, as dumb a move as that might prove to be. I do like the Red Sox to light up Perez today, though, making them a good GPP stack target.

Xander Bogaerts (SS) – $4591

Jonny Gomes (OF) – $5755

Perez is a no-go for me today but there are some Rangers hitters I like against Lester. Actually, I should say there is one hitter I like from Texas today, Lester scares the crap out of me to spend on this team.

Alex Rios (OF) – $6028

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