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Fantasy Basketball: Four Valuable Championship Streamers

XN Sports looks at four important players for your fantasy basketball championship run.

DJ Augustin
DJ Augustin

Chicago Bulls guard D.J. Augustin. Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

It’s the moment of truth: we’re in the championship week of the fantasy hoops playoffs. If you’re comfortably up over your opponent, just ride the wave to glory. But, if you happen to be struggling in the heat of battle and need rapid and successive boosts of stats, you’ve come to the right place. XN Sports takes a look at five guys that are readily available in leagues that can contribute across the board. They’re not valuable enough to hoard but can bring you back from the brink in spades. Stream these four guys in whatever arrangement you see fit. You won’t be disappointed.

D.J. Augustin

Good Source Of: points, assists, steals, three-pointers, free throw percentage

If you’re like this author, and dropped Augustin after he went through a major slump only to be swooped up by the field once he was back on awesome mountain, hate yourself a little bit. In the past seven days, Augustin has been the highest rated asset in all of fantasy. Though he’s not stealing the ball quite at the rate he was at the beginning of the year, he’s impressing in several other categories.

Since mid-March, the petite point has missed double-digit points only twice. Many of those nights have been supplemented by crazy numbers from the arc (he’s ranked second in the league for the past seven contests) and very good numbers from the stripe (he’s ranked seventh for the past week). We should have followed our own advice and stuck by his side.

Kyle O’Quinn

Good Source Of: rebounds, blocks, steals

In the last week, O’Quinn is providing Ibaka-like worth in the blocks category – perhaps the league’s rarest stat. It’s only helping his stock that Nikola Vucevic seems to have been put down for the season as the Magic continues its tanking pledge. His shooting numbers could be better for a big man bruiser but if you can do without him, he’s a must-have for blocks and steals. O’Quinn has 12 blocks in the last three games alone.

Draymond Green

Good Source Of: steals, blocks, rebounds, some assists and threes

Green is essentially a more well-rounded O’Quinn. He’s ranked lower than him at the moment, though just slightly, because of O’Quinn’s superstar blocks. But Green’s worth might be longer lasting as he can also pass and shoot the deep ball. Similar to O’Quinn’s situation, Green might also be seeing big minutes down the stretch as he’s proven himself to be a reliable contributor for Marc Jackson‘s troop. If he can continue to provide modest assists numbers, he becomes someone worth holding onto down the road.

Kent Bazemore

Good Source Of: three-pointers, steals, rebounds, points

Jodie Meeks, Nick Young, and Jordan Hill will get the most fantasy Lakers lover down the stretch, but Bazemore is a sneaky grab. He’s not exceptional in any category but just happens to steal, score, rebound, and assist in odd batches. So, on the right night, he’s a top add. Just look at what he did a few nights ago against Sacramento. He scored a modest 14 but also pilfered the ball twice, dished out six assists, rebounded the ball seven times, and knocked down two bombs.

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