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Fantasy Basketball: Washington Wizards Primed For Late Season Wizardry

Real world success doesn’t always translate to fantasy basketball success, but in the case of the Washington Wizards, nothing could be further from the truth.

Washington Wizards
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Washington Wizards

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In hoops, real world success doesn’t always translate to fantasy world success, but in the case of the Wizards nothing could be further from the truth. In the last three weeks, Washington has been able to climb the standings — winning six in a row — while also creating a fantasy haven for their stars. Considering their strong fantasy playoff schedule, the Wiz are primed for some late season wizardry.

In the past three weeks, their squad has broken all types of career highs. Bradley Beal went off for 37 points. Marcin Gortat carried the team on his back for 31 points in an overtime win against the Raptors. Wall dished out a personal best 16 dimes. Trevor Ariza exploded for 40 big ones. This team is cruising.

And, as the following graphic by Rockets analyst Ed Kupfer shows, their strength of schedule is on the difficulty decline as the season progresses.

rest of season scheduleThat means that Washington is going to see more lax competition for the remaining weeks of the season which almost always translates to better fantasy numbers (if some blowout wins don’t fudge with the numbers).

In their next ten games alone, they’ll see play against seven teams that haven’t been able to cross the .500 threshold. With the other three squads – the Grizz, Heat, and Blazers – the Wiz have a 2-2 record, with a loss coming against Memphis and another to the Heat.

If you’re the proud owner of John Wall, Trevor Ariza, Bradley Beal, and/or Marcin Gortat, you’ve done good for yourself. Their ceiling doesn’t seem to have come yet.

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