Fantasy Basketball: The Sell-High, Drop-High Candidates

Zach Randolph
Zach Randolph
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With the fantasy basketball playoffs approaching, it’s time to cut any fat from your lineup. While you can still tap into the power of the waiver wire and streamers, it’s a good time to define the makeup of your team and get an overall sense of who’s going to lead you to the promised land.

This will make it a time of high stakes which is precisely why you should start thinking about your sell-high, drop-high candidates. A sell-high candidate being someone going through a nice upward trend that isn’t going to last. Someone you should trade for a higher value now than they’ll be in the long run. A drop-high candidate is someone owned at a nice clip across fantasy leagues that deserves to be a waiver wire pawn. Drop-high candidates should be avoided like the plague.

Tony Parker (Sell High) – Bogged down by a long list of maladies, the crafty point guard has missed about a week’s time of play. This exact moment isn’t the best time to sell high on Parker, but, considering that he’s one of a handful of Spurs players who could get the Pop treatment some more, and that he hasn’t been quite healthy this year, the time to sell him is nigh. Someone in need of points, field goal percentage, and assists will bite on his number.

J.J. Redick (Drop High) – When a player’s own team expresses concern with their failing health, it’s time to part ways with them. The hot-shooting guard started the year off admirably but hasn’t been able to remain healthy for three-fourths of it. With Danny Granger now a Clipper, it’s time to launch Redick to the abyss like you would a three-ball.

Zach Randolph (Sell High) – Firstly, Randolph is not much more than a double-double machine. He had a nice stretch where he was passing the ball well, and nabbing steals and blocks, but really only contributes in the points and rebounds departments. He’s seen a slight drop-off since Marc Gasol started upping his game, so now’s the time to send Randolph packing.

Nene (Drop High) – Even with the most optimistic recovery timeline, Nene will not be back in time for the fantasy basketball playoffs. His run is done, folks. Sorry.

Kendall Marshall (Sell High) – Over the past seven games, Marshall’s points average (1.8) looks strikingly similar to his field goal percentage (.158). Ouch, on both accounts. He’s gone through some major duds before but it isn’t the best time to be putting your aspirations on a guard in a slump on a heavily crowded Lakers backcourt. Sell high, someone out there will need his assists.

Steve Nash (Drop High) – Nash has proven that his health is a revolving door of uncertainty. Yet, people still own him at a decent clip around many leagues. It doesn’t make sense. If you need the assists, go after someone like Brian Roberts, Randy Foye, Tony Wroten, Louis Williams, etc, etc.

Gerald Green (Sell High) – With Bledsoe’s return now imminent, Green is the Sun most likely to see his minutes fall. He’ll still be a nice piece in deep leagues but why not flip him for someone who’ll power you through the playoffs, at a value that isn’t going to see a likely drop?

Harrison Barnes (Drop High) – Barnes remains a quality prospect for the Warriors but isn’t the fantasy asset his ownership rate dictates. With a deeper bench, his value will only suffer more on a revamped Golden State team. If you’re looking for a player who can rebound, steal, and shoot threes look at DeMarre Carroll, Mike Dunleavy, or Vince Carter.

O.J. Mayo (Sell High) – If fantasy leagues worked in pockets of time, O.J. Mayo would have mid-round value. He certainly goes through stretches when he’s hot, and others when his out-of-shape body catches up to him. He’s going through one of the nicer ones lately, which is why people are buying him up, but will likely drop off in a matter of games. Get what you can with him, the Dallas Mavericks did.

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