2-QB ADP for August 2013

Packers QB Aaron Rodgers
Packers QB Aaron Rodgers
Aug 9 2013 Green Bay WI USA Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers 12 during the game against the Arizona Cardinals at Lambeau Field Benny Sieu USA TODAY Sports

With draft season upon us in the world of 2-QB fantasy football leagues, and mock draft season coming to a close, it was time to scour the depth of the MyFantasyLeague.com 2-QB mock draft database and update the 2-QB ADP data.

The last time the 2-QB ADP was updated was last month and it was time to see what the world of 2-QB mock drafts looks like now. One thing to remember about the 2-QB ADP data that we have is that it’s a relatively small sample size.

The newest 2-QB ADP is based on 30 2-QB mock drafts, which isn’t a whole lot to go on. We also have to remember that it’s made up of a variety of different 2-QB mock drafts, with different settings. Some of the 2-QB mocks are of the 10-team variety, others were made up of 12 teams, some awarded 4 points/passing touchdowns, while others 6. Some of the 2-QB mocks were full point PPR, others only .5PPR, some of the 2-QB mocks were slow drafts, while others were live. Some took place back in the early part of the off-season, a few of them just wrapped up this week.

Try to keep all of that in perspective when perusing the August 2013 2-QB ADP, and trying to apply it to your draft. Having said that, the August 2013 2-QB ADP can be found below, as a downloadable excel spreadsheet. As always, the 2-QB ADP data is broken down into two separate sheets: overall 2-QB ADP, and positional 2-QB ADP.

August 2013 2-QB ADP

When looking over the 2-QB ADP, as you would with any ADP, remember it’s not ‘the one that knocks’ answer to your draft. You shouldn’t draft based solely on what the ADP tells you. Every draft is going to be different, and you should really just look to the 2-QB ADP as a guide of when to start considering certain players.

Nobody is going to know your draft better than you. If you are aware of the settings, know the history of your draft, and have your own rankings/values in place, ADP can be a useful supplementary tool when deciding when the right time to pull the trigger is on a certain player, and that’s when ADP can really come in handy.

Some other things to know about this set of 2-QB ADP is that it includes injured/retired players like Danario Alexander, Percy Harvin, and Willis McGahee, just to name a few. Such players have been highlighted in red, so keep that in mind. Aaron Hernandez has been removed from the database altogether.

As always, make sure you thank your friendly 2-QB ADP data provider Étienne Groulx. Without him, we wouldn’t have access to 2-QB ADP. You can find him on Twitter @curacaobleu

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