New 2-QB Fantasy Football ADP (July, 2013)

Fantasy Football QB ADP
Fantasy Football QB ADP
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It’s been mentioned before that is a great resource when it comes to Average Draft Position (ADP) data, but their ADP data is tailored mainly to the 1-QB fantasy football crowd.

For those of us that draft in 2-QB fantasy football leagues, we don’t have much 2-QB ADP resources at our fingertips. At least, that used to be the case, until Étienne Groulx was generous enough with his time to put together some 2-QB ADP data for us 2-QB diehards.

It’s nice being able to see how 2-QB fantasy football drafts play out, and to take note of what is happening at the quarterback position in those particular 2-QB fantasy football drafts. I’ve mentioned this before with previous 2-QB ADP data that I’ve shared at my website,, but the 2-QB ADP that we have access to is very limited.

This particular set of July 2013 2-QB ADP is based on a small sample size of 20 2-QB mock drafts. Included in the 2-QB ADP data are 16 mock drafts put on by Micah James (FFMagicMan), two mock drafts run by John Fortes (JB4tes) from, and two live mock drafts that I put together for Sports Jerks.

Each of the 2-QB mocks are different, as some are 10-team 2-QB mocks, others are 12-team 2-QB mocks, some are full point PPR 2-QB mocks, others are .5PPR 2-QB mocks, while some even deduct three points for interceptions, rather than two.

With so many different 2-QB mocks, we’re not going to get a universal set of 2-QB ADP that we can use in all 2-QB drafts. What we can do with 2-QB ADP data, however, is paint a picture of what a 2-QB draft looks like, and help us form a 2-QB draft strategy and ranking system.

If you want to feast your eyes on the new 2-QB ADP that Etienne has compiled for us, you can do so by clicking on, and downloading the excel file sheet below. In the 2-QB ADP excel sheet you will see two sets of 2-QB ADP sheets. One is the overall 2-QB ADP, while the other breaks down the 2-QB ADP data by position.

July 2013 2QB ADP

I’ll be breaking down the quarterback position from this latest 2-QB ADP data in a separate post on Sports Jerks, just like I have previously done here and here, and that should help paint a better picture of how, when, and where quarterbacks are going in 2-QB fantasy football drafts.

In the meantime, follow Étienne on Twitter, and thank him for providing us with 2-QB ADP.

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