2013 MLB Power Rankings – Week 3

The season is heating up, and the MLB power rankings are starting to roll out some surprises, and some long-held expectations. What was looking like an exciting weekend series between the Braves and Nationals ended up in a sweep by the Braves, with a 9-0 shutout cherry on top.

The red-hot Oakland A’s finally met their match in the Detroit Tigers who are mashing an MLB-leading .302 over the first two weeks. Arizona and Colorado are still afloat in the NL West, while the AL West is still sorting itself out with a lackluster start by the Angels.

Things are starting to balance out across baseball, so it’s still very tough to get a read on a handful of teams. It’s still early to determine where the middle-of-the-road clubs will end up come September, but as the projected powerhouses either sink or float, the middling teams will find their way in or out of the mix.

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2 thoughts on “2013 MLB Power Rankings – Week 3”

  1. Very interesting to read . Glad I found these rankings.
    The Orioles are a solid team but IMHO you ranked them too high. As much as I loathe them, the Bosox should be above the Os.
    Angels stink right now. They should be several spots lower.
    The Astros should have been above the Padres.

    1. Thanks for reading!

      It's really tough, this early in the season, to get a solid ranking going for many of these teams. Check back next week, things might start to even out.

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