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Post-Hyper Super Bowl Sleeper Snoozefest

Felipe Melecio

Felipe Melecio was the managing editor for the blog Pathological Hate. He believes that math is your friend and numbers can be fun, especially when it comes to baseball. Keep tabs on all his knee-jerk reactions on Twitter:

In this week’s episode of the podcast, Felipe discusses a wide array of topics:


1. The double standard between the NFL and MLB when it comes to pace of play and players using PEDs.

2. Ryan Pace redemption story in draft Mitch Trubisky.

3. The terrible weather the Midwest of the country has endured from snowfall to polar vortex.

4. Manny Machado and Bryce Harper refused to be sold short. Do not hold your breathe waiting for either one to sign any time soon as Spring Training approaches.

5. The wonderful idea of bringing the Designated Hitter rule to the National League.


1. Pace of play invades Super Bowl LIII. Was it a defensive battle or just sloppy play? One thing’s for sure, it was definitely boring.

2. Baseball gets ostracized for slow pace of play, but the battle of attrition in the sport can prove to be just as exciting as any NFL game.

3. Likening the game of baseball to role-playing video games.

4. An anti-climactic finish to an otherwise exciting NFL season.

5. The realization that fans are wasting away 4 hours of football for 10 minutes of action.

6. Are football fans better programmed and trained to make it easier to endure and suffer through 4 hours of football?

7. GOAT talk at quarterback as Tom Brady continues to make the case for the top spot in NFL history. But where is the praise for head coach Bill Belichick?

8. The importance of the coach/quarterback relationship in the NFL.


Photo Credit: Keith Allison, Flickr, C.C 2.0