2018 MLB Preview and Fantasy Baseball Recap

Mario and Felipe return and preview the upcoming Major League Baseball season as they answer some looming questions on this episode of the podcast.

The guys discuss the New York Yankees’ chances of winning their division, while they also share what they are excited about the upcoming season.

Giancarlo Stanton, what are the chances of him repeating his 2017 performance? Can he finally fight back the injury bug that has plagued him throughout most of his career? Can he and Aaron Judge keep their strikeouts at bay or will they succumb to them this season?

BABIP, what to make of it? Is it a good indicator of upcoming regression? Or is it more of an indicator on skill?

The guys also discuss their draft strategies and the logic and strategy that went behind in building their rosters and what they think makes a championship-caliber squad.

And of course, because it’s Mario and Felipe, they discuss the merits of owning Billy Hamilton as once again, baseball is seeing a drop in stolen bases which supposedly increases the value of base stealers, but they also discuss alternate strategies to help you with the mercurial stat.

The guys finish up the show recapping their most recent draft, highlighting their favorite draft picks and their greatest misses and regrets and how they adapted their draft strategy when the players they wanted were no longer available. They also check out their rankings according to Fantasy Pros evaluator metrics.

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