Fittest NFL Players

The NFL has seen its fair share of extremely fit athletes. These are players who have played through injuries, have soldiered on when the going got tough and were real mean machines on game day.

And while some players prefer the tactical aspect of the game and don’t like to spend a lot of time in the gym the players on our list spent hours in the gym and they enjoyed it.

We must say that we can relate much better to the first type of players as we would much rather read reviews such as this Ladyluck review or this amazing Slots million review than work on our fitness.

However, most of the people, and us included, can only dream to achieve the levels of fitness and stamina that the players on our list have achieved. Let’s look at the three most athletic NFL players to have ever played the game.

  1. Joe Greene, Pittsburgh Steelers

Joe Greene went by the nickname Mean for a good reason. He was voted as a defensive player of the year twice in his career and formed the famed Pittsburgh Steelers defense that won no less than 4 Super Bowls.

He is most famous to the general public by his beaming smile and pearly white teeth from his now legendary Coca Cola commercial appearance which reaffirmed his cult status as not just an NFL, but also a modern pop icon.

  1. Lawrence Taylor, New York Giants

Lawrence Taylor was the linebacker from the New York Giants that no opposition wanted to see running their way. He was aggressive when tackling and had speed, stamina and strength which most people can only dream to possess.

He amassed over 130 sacks in his long career and it was often impossible to block him, even when opposition teams tried to use two players to do this, they failed miserably. He had two memorable Super Bowl appearances which include a last second victory over the Buffalo Bills.

  1. Brett Favre, Green Bay Packers

Brett Favre was known for his precision and accuracy as a quarterback for the Green Bay Packers, but he also possessed the physique of an ironman. The fact that he started 321 consecutive games speaks volumes about his stamina and ability to soldier on even when injuries tried to hold him down. Incredibly enough this list of injuries even includes broken bones.

For Favre age was only a number as he came back from retirement at the ripe age of 39 to start 16 games for the New York Jets and he also led the Minnesota Vikings to the playoffs the following year.

However, the thing by which almost everyone remembers Favre these days is the fact that he played magnificently against the Oakland Raiders in a game which was shown live nationwide on Monday Night Football only a day after his father had passed away. This was not only a player who possessed physical strength, but emotional and mental stamina too.

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