Jaromir Jagr Enters NHL History with 1,900 Points

Jaromir Jagr has become the second player ever to score 1,900 points in the NHL. What’s even greater is that his achievement happened on the day he turned 45, which makes him one of the oldest players to ever laced his NHL skates. Too bad SBAT’s Sky super 6 tips doesn’t include hockey.

Currently Jaromir Jagr is the third oldest player ever to play in the NHL. His chances to become the second oldest look promising at the moment. Jagr has announced that he plans to retire at the age of 55. It’s something that is very likely to happen considering the way he trains at 45. It is something that even younger players can admire. His coach actually said that the younger players in the team have caught on Jagr’s training regime and have improved a lot thanks to him.

After Jagr scored his 1,888 point in December 2015 he became the second highest point scorer by surpassing Mark Messier on the list. But Jagr wasn’t much concerned with statistics. His response to all of this is that of a laid-back player with a primary focus on the game, and not numbers.

The first player to ever pass the 1,900 mark was Wayne Gretzky. He retired with amazing 2,857 points and it’s very unlikely that someone can do better, not even Jagr.

In 1,684 NHL games so far Jagr has scored 1,141 assists and 759 goals. More than half of his career points he scored while playing for the Pittsburgh Penguins, 1,079 in total. The rest he scored with seven different NHL teams: 9 with the Bruins, 26 with the Stars, 54 with the Flyers, 96 with the Devils, 116 with the Panthers, 201 with the Capitals, and 319 with the Rangers. He was also the second Penguins player to score 1,000 points in the history of the franchise.

Jagr’s NHL career started with the Penguins in 1990. He won the Stanley Cup in each of his first two years in Pittsburgh. Almost three decades later, he is still teaching rookies how to play. But, there are many more reasons to love him and not just statistics.

Jagr has a great personality and can be hell of a guy to hang out with. Once he made a sandwich to a paparazzi that camped outside his house in hopes to snap a picture of Jagr and his new girlfriend. When he gave the man the sandwich, he told him how he deserved it for his patience because hockey taught him to respect the opponents. Great words from a great player. No wonder he has a group of Jagr superfans that follows him wherever he plays.

Jagr has scored big on international scale too. He is part of the Triple Gold Club thanks to his Olympic gold medal from 1998, his two World Championship medals and Stanley Cup trophies. Only 27 players have won all three. Plus, he has a pretty awesome trophy case including 13 NHL First All-Start Team selections and 12 Czech Golden Hockey Stick awards.

Featured Image Credit: By s.yume [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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