Daily Fantasy Basketabll: Cheap Advice 3/31/16

daily fantasy basketball advice

Point Guard

Tim Frazier (DK $4000, FD $4000, 22.5 USG)

I gotta be honest with y’all, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to write these columns this time of year with how much changes in the NBA this late in the season (injuries, players resting).  I can write this and get it out to you about an hour before tip off and even that wouldn’t be enough to give you the best and most valuable info, but we do this for you and all we can do is work with what we got until then.

Luckily for us, the Clippers did us all a solid last night and gave us a full day’s notice on the news that they’ll be resting 3/5ths of their starting lineup (Paul, Redick and Jordan) tonight against the Thunder.  With that being said, one of the most popular plays on FD will be Austin Rivers ($3600) because he’s PG eligible over there but on DK, he’s SG eligible which makes it a lot tougher on this particular slate.  We’ll get to that at the SG position but for DK, I’d take a look at Frazier if you’re looking for some salary relief.  Let it be known that I do not think Frazier is a good NBA player, compared to the field.  But DFS is a different animal.  It’s not just about talent, it’s also about opportunity and volume.  Currently, Frazier has both of the latter going for him.  New Orleans are literally running out of players to throw onto the court and Frazier has benefitted averaging 26.8 minutes a game over his last 5 and now gets to face one of the friendliest backcourts for fantasy purposes, the Denver Nuggets.  Denver has been a bottom 10 team all season in terms of opposing point guards fantasy production, so as long as he’s seeing 25+ minutes a game, you can expect him to reach value in such a favorable spot.  He’s already been averaging 26 fantasy points since joining the team in mid March, so look at it as like getting a $5000 player for $1000 discount.  I will say that I like the appeal of fading Rivers on FD for GPP’s for Frazier because of how highly owned Rivers will be and we’ve seen him underperform in these exact type of scenarios.  So if Frazier outscores Rivers, you’ve got a leverage play instantly on a majority of the field.

IAB_Large Rectangle_336_280_Basketball

Shooting Guard

Jamal Crawford (DK $4300, FD $4700, 24.7 USG), Austin Rivers (DK $3100, FD $3600, 18.8 USG)

Here’s the thing: I’m not as high on Rivers as most are.  He’s started 5 games this season for Chris Paul and only averaged 15.45 DKPTS in those games, averaging over 30 min.  Granted, the situation is a bit different tonight with no Redick or Jordan but I just don’t see the upside.  I like him as a safe cash filler, but nothing besides.  As a matter of fact, I’m literally talking myself into fading him completely with all the value this slate has to offer.  As for Crawford, he’s a lock in every contest I play tonight.  His USG jumps to 29.0% with all 3 of Paul, Redick and Jordan off the floor and is one of 2 or 3 guys left on this team capable of being a scoring threat.

Small Forward

Jordan Hamilton (DK $3400, FD $3600, USG 20.8)

I wouldn’t hate you for going with Jeff Green one bit in this situation.  It’s actually a bit of a coin toss for me but I just don’t want too much exposure to this Clippers team as they own the lowest projected team total on the slate (97), so I’m giving the edge to Hamilton.  Since joining the Pelicans 3 games ago, he’s averaged 22.43 DKPTS in 24.66 minutes of play.  This is what I was talking about with Frazier above.  This team just has nobody left to play as they’re allowing guys barely joining the team into their starting lineup and playing meaningful minutes.  On top of that, he gets to go up against a Nuggets team that’s given up the 4th most fantasy points to opposing SF’s over the last 3 weeks.  But yeah, I wouldn’t blame you with going with Green here.  He’s got a lot more upside and with him coming off the bench, gets a serious chance at some garbage time.

Power Forward

Thomas Robinson (DK $3500, FD $4000, 18.8 USG) 

This was a prime example of not having enough time to get the news to you unless you follow me on Twitter but the other day, Thad Young was ruled out minutes before tip off and T-Rob was listed as the starter.  If you’ve played DFS as long as I have, you know what Robinson can do with minutes, it’s just all about getting those minutes.  Here’s a tip moving forward, as long as this dude is cheap and gets a start . . . just play him.  This is a guy that averages 37 DKPTS per 36 minutes and in the two starts he’s had this season, he scored 53.25 and 40 DKPTS.  He’s just the GOAT when it comes to fantasy production when given the playing time.  Well today we got some news early that the Nets will be resting Brook Lopez and although there’s been no word yet as an official starter replacing him, Robinson is listed as the projected starter.  Once news breaks that he is, just slot him in and move on.  I don’t care about the tough matchup at all against this Cavs front court.  The Nets have already gone on record stating that they’re going to start playing their young guys more moving forward and with how this guy plays, I’d roster him against the Monstars.


Cole Aldrich (DK $3000, FD $3500, 19.1 USG)

There’s too much chalk tonight.  I wanna say that Aldrich is my favorite value play of the night but then I see T-Rob and Crawford.  Either way, these guys are all close to must plays in my eyes, especially in cash.  Much like Robinson, this guy is a machine when it comes to fantasy as long as he’s playing and with DeAndre Jordan resting tonight, he’ll be playing a whole lot.  You thought T-Rob’s 37 DKPTS per 36 was enticing?  Aldrich averages 43.75 DKPTS per 36!  I’ve rostered him in both games he’s started this season, where he scored 33.25 and 45 DKPTS.  This is as no brainer as it gets, everyone.  If you’re not rostering Aldrich at the bare minimum tonight, you’re doing it all wrong.

Featured Image Credit: By Chris Green (Chrisg21090 at en.wikipedia) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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