Wednesday Night DFS NBA Prep Work for Draftkings

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As most DFS NBA players know Wednesday has become a big night.  Look across the industry and you can find big tournaments everywhere.  Draftkings has a ton of tournaments in the lobby and look for overlay. Here are some plays to consider.

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Pay Up $8,000+

A few guys I like that will cost you are Kevin Durant $9,800 SF, Carmelo Anthony $8,600 SF, and Damian Lillard $8,900 PG. Durant is a beast and feels he has a lot to prove after his injuries last year.  Vegas set the over/under in this game at 207 points vs San Antonio.  I see Durant getting 36+ minutes and being very aggressive on the offensive end.  Carmelo Anthony is also back from injury and has a great matchup vs Milwaukee.  Milwaukee will be without Giannis Antetokounmpo tonight so Melo will have a smaller defender or John Henson guarding him.  Either way he has a matchup advantage and can exploit the Bucks tonight.  Damian Lillard is remaining starter from last year and is going to get lots of usage.  The ball will be in his hands and he will be expected to make the scoring play via the pass or shot.  He is a staple in my lineup tonight.

Middle Ground $5,000 to $8,000

Lots of options here for guys to out produce their cost.  Two guys I am a big fan of tonight are Nicolas Batum $7,000 SF and Khris Middleton $5,400 SG.  Batum falls into a great spot in Charlotte, fills up the stat sheet, should see big minutes 36+, and has size over the Miami defenders.  He has been great all preseason and should pay off 5 times tonight.  Khris Middleton is at a great price tonight with a Parker out and Antetokounmpo suspended.  He will be asked to score early and often.  Milwaukee is home and favored in this game in which the Bucks have a team total of 100 points and Middleton should be the leading scorer.  Other guys I like at this range are Kyle Lowry at $7,800 and coming off a great preseason.  I also see Andrew Wiggins picking up where he left off last year and leading this team in scoring at $6,300 vs the Lakers.  The Lakers are favored in this game but a strong performance from Wiggins with Kobe in the building would not surpize me.

Value Plays Under $5,000

There are so many undefined roles at this point that it is difficult for these DFS sites to account for past performance and current expectations.  I decided to give you a list of guys since there are so many of them:

  • Nikola Jokic C $3,100- May be starting but at least splitting time at C
  • Jerryd Bayless PG $3,000- Extra minutes tonight
  • Pat Patterson PF $4,300- Always productive in Toronto and now Amir is gone
  • John Henson PF $3,900- No Giannis or Parker tonight, I expect extended minutes
  • Marcus Morris SF $4,500- Played 36 minutes on opening night and looked good
  • CJ McCollum SG $4,800- Lillard’s new running mate will get plenty of usage
  • Meyers Leonard C $4,500- Stretch 4 or 5 starting in Portland, big minutes
  • Rodney Hood SG $3,900- All the guy does is score, Utah needs it

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