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It’s the start of week 7 and we’re halfway to the fantasy playoffs. There’ve been some booms and more than a few busts.  So, let’s look at some high ADP players who you should be shipping off.  It only takes one solid move to find yourself in the big dance.

QB- Peyton Manning – SELL LOW

It’s time for Peyton to quit his day job and pursue his acting career.  He’s under 10 points in his last 3 games and has only dropped a 20 spot once.  And did we mention he leads the league in picks?



  • Martellus Bennett –  He’s an above average tight end and he’ll likely improve the position for you.  It’s a strange feeling when you’re stoked you traded your QB1 for the #9 tight end.
  • Dion Lewis –  It’ll take a solid pitch, but this is a fringe top 15 RB who can win you some weeks.  ***  “But I took Peyton in the 3rd round!” is not a good pitch.
  • Thin Crust Pizza –  Papa John’s coupons are on point.  


QB- Matthew Stafford – SELL HIGH

Matthew Stafford cracked 300 yards for the first time, and tacked on an extra hundo.  If you didn’t drop him already, or you’re covered on your BYE, it’s time to sell.  He’s got some tough matchups ahead in KC, Minnesota, and Green Bay twice.  



  • T.J. Yeldon – He’s moderately banged up, but had a week off to heal.  Toby and Denard did nothing to take away from his carries.  Yeldon has the look of an RB1 and would make a great return.  
  • Donte Moncrief – Quietly on pace for 100+ targets and 10+ TDs, Moncrief still doesn’t have the name value to immediately shut down trades.  If he’s out there, bust a move.
  • Ben Roethlisberger – He may not play Week 7, giving you one last shot to buy him low.  He’ll offer you far more consistency than Stafford down the stretch.  



RB- Eddie Lacy – SELL LOW

Real talk:  Did Eddie have a crazy dream and wake up as Trent Richardson?  Week 5 he posted 2 points.  Week 6 he posted 1.  Is he counting down to something?  Yes, it’s a countdown to you trading him, and week 7 makes 0.  You shouldn’t sell him for nothing, but the following are some reasonable “low” options.  



  • Giovani Bernard – Quietly a top 10 RB, Gio still carries the “Mark of Despair”; he’s in a timeshare.  His performance is still slightly overshadowed by his ADP, making him a solid buy low option.  He may not put up RB1 numbers the rest of the season, but his consistency will be a breath of fresh air.
  • Amari Cooper – Coming off a rough week against Denver, followed by a bye week, some owners may have forgotten Cooper is a solid asset going forward.  Trading Lacy for a WR2 hurts, but it hurts less than starting Lacy in his current form.
  • One Week Trial at Gold’s Gym – Lacy may have inspired all of us to drop some pounds.  See if you can piggyback off a friend’s membership.  


RB- Jonathan Stewart – SELL HIGH

With Jonathan you’re either a believer or a…leaver. He’s got a soft schedule down the stretch, but we most certainly just saw his ceiling.  Inconsistency is a big part of J-Stew’s services, but his overall usage paired with his Week 6 performance makes him a sellable asset.



  • Allen Hurns – On pace for 1000 yards and 10 TDs, Hurns, like Moncrief, is a solid, attainable receiver.  He’s the #2 behind Allen Robinson, though he has 1 more reception on 19 fewer targets.  Talent or no, everyone is willing to trade a Jag.
  • LaGarrette Blount – Another victim of the timeshare stigma, Blount is averaging over 15 ppg in his first three games.  Play up Stewart’s usage and you may get a puff.
  • Blake Bortles – Despite his status as the #6 QB, he’s likely stuck on someone’s bench.  If you need a QB, he’s attainable for the low-low price only a Jag can get.


WR- Randall Cobb – SELL LOW

Cobb hasn’t cracked 10 points in his last 3 games COMBINED.  “But the targets are there!”  Well, not really.  Incredibly, he finds himself outside the top 20 in targets, behind the likes of Michael Crabtree and Pierre Garcon.  With a bye in Week 7, it’s time to trade him for someone who can produce for you immediately.



  • John Brown – He’s got 3 less targets than Cobb, but 150 more yards.  Coming off a strong game, Brown should comfortably keep pace with Cobb even if Randall returns to form.
  • Carlos Hyde – There have been signs that Hyde is an RB1, but the consistency is lacking.  Still, his usage and perpetual injury status makes him a potential buy low.  
  • Siamese Corn Pops – It’s like Christmas when you find two Corn Pops stuck together.  You may consider this selling too low…but dat crunch though.  


WR – Martavis Bryant – SELL HIGH

Martavis “Worth the wait” Bryant is back from rehab, and his prospects as a #2 receiver are as clear as a Scientologist.  For some of you he’s looking like a savior, like Tom Cruise at the end of Top Gun…or any of his other movies,  As good as the rest of his season is looking, especially with Big Ben likely back by Week 8, Bryant’s value isn’t going to get much higher.  



  • Frank Gore – Ahmad Bradshaw’s hype may have taken a bit away from Gore’s value.  So, there’s no better time to make an offer.  The workload and yardage are in the solid RB2 territory, and should continue going forward.  Luck’s solid play in his return will open up the run game, giving Gore a shot at a 10 TD season.
  • Jeremy Hill – Yes, Gio is the superior back, but Hill still has plenty of upside.  He’ll get you 15 touches per game and plenty of goal line work.  You can do worse than this RB2.
  • Steve Smith Sr. – I know, I know.  In the Rap Up I said Cobb for Smith, but let’s try it out on Bryant.  Martavis is healthy, and Ben’s return gives him big upside.  Harp on Smith’s injuries and you may be able to pry him away.  I’ll take his consistency over Martavis’ deep threat ability all day.  


Did we forget Tight Ends?  No, they’re all just so similar it’s not really worth discussing.  Did you know the #6 tight end (Jimmy Graham) would be tied for the #27 WR?  Isn’t that…depressing?  Yep.  If you have a top 10 TE, you’re probably stuck with him.  Sorry, bud.  You’ll have to deal.

Photo Credit: Keith Allison

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